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I bet you’re thinking this is a thread to complain about something… Well you’re right. It Is!

The 787B.

Today we got the only car that can handle as well as it yet it comes in easily at 30 miles per hour slower any given time. Why Turn 10, why… Give us a restrictor upgrade. Give us more speed. Or nerf the 787 and wipe the LB. It’s just not fun online.

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Word that car is way to OP it just comes in at a monster in the class…the stats just over power everything. Its basicLly an F1 in P class


You are asking a racing sim game to inaccurately " nurf " a car that is good in its class cause you want slower cars to have a chance .
Just think about that for a moment let it sink in a bit .


Bit it is reflective of real life. You cant ho “nerfing” cars because they are too fast for you. If that’s the case, we need the E21 nerfing because its too quick round corners.

this isn’t COD


I’m sorry but show me where the 787 is better in real life than an Indy car? Than an E-tron, than any modern car even with all the restrictions now adays. I think turn 10 had a bit of fanboyism on this car (as we all do) but this is a game after all. And with only 6-7 cars in P class, the dominance of one ruins the racing online.

So my point is valid still, either buff a car with a restrictor upgrade or bring a new car into the game that can compete. Considering I’m top 1% and usually 2-3 seconds off best lap times when I do rivals, I feel I am justified by saying it’s not good for P class. Just like the old F1 cars were bad for R class and they took them out of R class lobbies.

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your just being daft now. Ill show you how a 787 is better than an Indy car when you show me them in the same race. Your comparing apples and oranges.

the cars are from different eras and different racing styles.

its moaning like this that blew the in-game economy wide apart, so i really hope T10 pay no attention to this request whatsoever.

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This is true the newer LeMans cars are upto 20sec faster on the track then the 787b but as much as you do and try, this is still a game and not real life!

but then also when do you see Indy cars racing LeMans cars?
you just can’t put the two together as complain that one is faster, it like saying your beetle is faster then my F40, its not but it can be

People are missing stock performance versus same PI which should be somewhat equalised.

I agree we should have more cars with a chance at PI998. And yes I know its possible to win online in other cars but not if you are up against an equal skill driver in the 787B.

Edit: The Indy Lights car rocks at Long Beach short and Catalunya School though. I put it #33 at Long Beach.

If they don’t equalise performance more at a given PI then they need to provide more car specific things to do eg career races for Indy lights and a few other “loner” cars, lobbies, rivals events etc

in sorry Ed, but surely that’s the point of private lobbies?

yes, the Indy light cars should have their own career event, but i find it bonkers to suggest all cars should have equal performance at a given PI. It would make it a meaningless decision choosing a car. The fact is, there will always be a dominant force in any sport. Take F1 - Ferrari dominated for years, then Redbull and now Mercedes. Essentially they all have the same PI, yet some are significantly better.

that’s what makes the cars different.


I don’t want identical performance. Cars may be suited to different tracks. Look at the gt cars. The Vette is good at speed tracks, other GTs at handling tracks.

I would like all cars to have somewhere that they can be competitive. At the moment there is not much to do with the Indy lights car other than measure how much slower it is.

Is private lobbies the answer? Well first i need to find enough friends who want to run Indy lights. Custom lobbies would help so i can join one already going. But what rivals event is there? P class is no good.

But what is PI meant to be if not a measure of performance where equal PI means somewhat equal or close performance (not identical)?

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I can see most of your points, but the reason the GT cars are all reasonably matched is that they are all GT cars.

from what I’ve seen of Indy cars, as fast as they look around the big circles, they look very clumsy on the circuits. I’m pretty certain that the E21 is rubbish at the oval, but a beast around a track, so it does seem to match up does it not?

and with reference to filling a private lobby, there are many places, and not just on to meet like minded individuals who want private lobbies. The group on my forum for example get nearly full lobbies at the weekend - but being able to search for user created lobbies is something i have always harped in about. Id prefer that over any more car packs and track by far

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X class is not a good class for comparison. The indycar might have PI of 1050 and the E21 have 1200 for all we know.

Having one track for the Indycar is not enough.

This will get too wishlisty if I keep going.

I guess my main question is whether classes and PI has run it course and should be replaced with body type and PI oops that may be wishlisty lol.

Just give me a new sandbox to play with toy in lol

Edited the thread title, alluding to swearing is not allowed.

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How about we go one better and request that Turn 10 actually make the 787B a single car purchase … Having to pay £15 to be competitive in one class is outrageous !!


Good point, even with a perfect lap in the ferrari im top 500. Seriously the lap was perfect. The time was top 100 at the time and i drove the wheels off the car. Only to be beaten by 400 with crappy laps to easily beat me.

Not fair. Sulk. Lol.

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I can’t argue with the DW12 chassis being a pig, but I believe he is referring too the new Indy Lights car witch is a beast right out of the box. I was racing it last night in a P lobby and after two hours of nothing more than 787b’s running around I finally had to switch away from the Lights car. If your not going to give a car a chance to achieve its full PI level then yes they should provide us with a lobby to use it in. Look at the 70’s GP lobby everyone was complaining about 312 and now it’s out of R class and has its own. If the car can’t at least be competitive in its class then it needs a place to race. User created lobbies are the best solution for a lot of these issues, but until we get them someone should throw us a bone. We don’t all have friends lists of 100 Forza only buddy’s who would and can race all the time. Heck only 5/100 even bought the One so it doesn’t give a lot of us many options.

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nah…i have ocd and i dont do dlc. i save the money for new games or wait for a goty version that included all the dlc for half the price of the game when it was new. fm3 ultimate was an excellent buy. i won every non dlc car and well over half of them are still just stitting there with 0 miles driven. i dont need more of what i already have too much of to the point i am going to pay as much for 100 cars as i would fm6 that’ll have well over twice that many cars…and some new tracks as a bonus.