Coma's Rusted Paintjobs!

Hello everyone! I am AbsentComa99 a fairly new Paintjob designer and a very curious one as well. I have always been interested in the Rusted, beat up and used look of cars, whether old or new, so I decided to create a design that is just that or at least trying to be. This paintjob is still in progress!
(This is my first ever Rustic / Patina attempt)

I hope to create more designs and try out new things and also work on my flaws in each type of Paintjob I create. My next project will be and old American muscle car from around the 60’s -70’s making another Rusted / Beat up / Patina look, I will be posting the next project in this topic. I know I still need to workout small details and lining the paint properly on the sides to the top, but do any of you have suggestions for me to better improve this RX-7 Paintjob?

GT: AbsentComa99

Like it , Looks good especially for a 1st attempt?! If your asking for suggestions then id say maybe use a few rough decals in lighter and darker shades of the green so the paint looks old and faded or you could use patchy/rough edge decals (in the same green as your base colour) over the top of the black graphics and text so they look a bit worn. Also be careful what parts you make rusty ie plastic bumpers , bodykits / trim etc wouldnt rust , although i think it looks fine to leave the marks where rust has dripped down over plastic parts and marked them.
looking forward to seeing more :+1: