Color Saturation Issue

Your post made me realized that it’s indeed not the biggest issue of the game.

I guess I’m annoyed by the fact that this particular problem never occurred before. It feels like a perfect fast food place you’d go for years, and someday, just like that, they’d put less sauce in your burger. No big deal, steal eatable, still delicious but why? Why this tiny changes have to affect what was perfect before?!

It’s just like removing cars that we used to have in Horizon 3,4. Why? Dont touch what we love, fix the problems.

Sorry if I sound weird or childish, I’m not a native speaker.

I’ve moved this topic from Discussion to Troubleshooting because it may be something unintended.

If you have not submitted a ticket yet on this issue at Forza Support please do so - the volume of tickets will help draw attention to it, even if it’s already known. Please provide screenshots or as much car/paint/location detail as possible that can help the developers investigate this.

You can keep your ticket open by responding to the email acknowledgement you receive with more details.

Thank you for your feedback on this.

All these lighting issues popped up when they introduced HDR in Forza. If you recall, lighting looked fine up until FH2 and FM6.

@ ProjectOasis676


Interesting… I’m willing to bet that’s why my orange P1 looks almost red and the tail lights on all cars at dusk and night look pinkish-white and not red.

Incredible difference with orange color! Also, notice how the contrast is acting differently in Horizon 4, the black color is deep black but there’s like a grey hollow in Horizon 5, it looks desaturated somehow. I don’t know if I’m being clear but it seems that you can understand what I’m talking about if you compare the tires maybe.


Here’s an other comparison with the yellow tint.