Collection points no longer increasing


a few days ago I wondered why my collection tier does not improve after getting 8 gifted cars from the bounty hunt etc.
Today I bought 2 expensive cars from the specialty dealer and again, no improvement to the collection points or tier. And no, I didn’t own the cars before, I know how it works.
Seems to be a bug introduced with the latest update, since I never had problems with it before. I’m on tier 43.
Also the message center is very picky and needed 3 game restarts to fill. Also a relatively new problem for me. I hoped the collection progress would be updated after the message center is up again - but it didn’t.
Anyone else with this problem?

Edit: What the heck?? I checked again and I already had the cars I bought from the dealer. But the dealer page no longer tells you that your score will not increase because you already own the car. That’s the problem!

Idk, I bought the new SD cars and it told me I’d get x amount increase, difference between my original version car and the high value on the SD card.

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