Codes here from totinos pizza

I dont have forza 7 i codes from the totinos pizza does anybody want them i have only 3 so message me and i will send them to you


Just FYI, you only need 4 codes to complete the set. Doesn’t matter what the codes are from, could be 4 single pizzas, doesn’t have to be the party box or big bag of pizza rolls. If you enter 4 codes you’ll get two driver gear sets and two pagoni car, identical, just different colored livery.

I will say the pagoni Toronto’s cars are 100% better than the one in the specialty dealer at the moment. They come stock and it appeared to be free to homologate them.

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I just sent you a Private Message.

I sent a pm as I can’t get them in my country

I PM’d you.

If someone has one for me would be great :slight_smile:

I would also greatly appreciate codes, I don’t purchase Totinos but would like the cars :slight_smile:

Are these easy to find? Maybe I need to pick up totinos.

They should be easy to find, the packages that have the codes are marked as such. Only certain products will have them. however.

Does anyone know if the codes work in the UK, or is it US only? If they do, somebody please help me out with the codes!! :slight_smile:

Would also like to have the codes, I am outside the US …

Thanks very much!

may i have one please if anyone has any left!

I would also love to get a code!

code here for the UK please :wink:

Here is a code: 2PNX-KTNX-R2M4


where do you enter these codes at? too short for xbox store codes.

You enter it on Totinos sweepstakes website with your email and you will get an Xbox code emailed to you. Does anyone know if the codes on the box are single use? The codes are printed on the outside of the Totinos packaging, so doesnt seem like they would be single use. I tried using the code posted above on the Totino website, but got invalid code error. Hmmm


I bought the Totinos pizza for the code before realizing code was printed on back of box. I redeemed the code already, but not sure if it can be used again.

It was from “Party Pizza Packs (Multi).” It asks for the product name when redeeming.

looks like they can only be used once. :frowning:

I would be so happy if someone could PM me a unused code! would mean alot.