Cockpit View NOT Working Anymore

Somehow my Xbox is not allowing me to get the Cockpit view anymore. It’s stuck in the view with only the rear view mirror and the vantage point of a camera stuck at the front of the vehicle. I feel like I wasted my money on this game! No matter what I try on my settings and for my console, nothing works!



I know this is an obvious question, but did you look at the settings and controls to make sure you were trying the right button?

It’s different by default from FH2 if that happens to be the last game you played, might be some muscle memory playing tricks on you.

Also make sure you don’t have a mod activated that locks the view (in this case it should be the “Bumper Cam” or “Hood Cam” dare mod).

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That’s exactly the issue: a mod applied unbeknownst to the user. I recall the same thing happening to me when the game first came out and I applied a mod that utilized the clutch and started a race and got really frustrated! I figured the next day that it was a mod causing my nightmare. I bet you that’s it!!!

mods !!!