Cockpit steering and adjustable view

Hey all, is it only me who likes realism and likes to play from the cockpit whenever feeling the need to just cruise around?
This is forza community but just going to use Project Cars 3 as a reference where they made the cockpit steering turn more than just 90 degrees each side and driving from cockpit view is awesome and i wish Turn 10 can come with this and the ability to adjust your cockpit camera view height, FOV seat position etc. anyone agree?


I’d second this.

For the most part I prefer cockpit view but in some cars it can be hard to see the instrument panel and/or other important interior features (for example the rear view mirror in some cars is cropped). Giving us the option to adjust the in-car camera position would be a great addition.



The current camera options aren’t great. Cockpit generally has a good camera position, but the mismatched wheel/driver animations are distracting and take away from immersion. Driver view does away with the wheel/driver, but the camera is generally too far forward and uses a narrower FOV, so you lose the wing mirrors, the rear view mirror, the gauge cluster, and a good amount of peripheral vision. There’s also a ton of graphical bugs in Driver, such as the Alpine A110’s windshield clipping into the camera and the '77 Aston Martin V8 Vantage just not having a floor.


Cockpit view with an option to disable wheel/driver models would be enough for me. Adjustable camera position would be nice, but not strictly necessary. If we do get an option to adjust the camera position, it needs to be saved per car, alongside the per-car FFB strength and wheel rotation settings.


At least someone agrees. I hope the devs are able to see this and maybe implement it in the next forza. It is definitely not a good look especially having formula drift cars with just 90 degree each turn cockpit steering angle. Cockpit view should be able to be adjusted to whatever FOV, height and seat position, something all car games should have worse a big open world title like Forza Horizon. It has too much cool features to not have these small ones especially the steering turning angle. Does the devs check these here or check these posts? I’m kinda new to the community but been with forza since 2015.

Agreed, we’ve been asking for this feature a whole decade. Will see if T10 is “listening” to the community this time.

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As a sim rig owner who loves playing Forza, I really hope the devs spend a little more time catering to us. Things like FOV, seat adjustments, triple/ultrawide screen support and better force feedback are important features that are sorely missing from 7.

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One of the previous FM games had that (FM4, I think), and I was really surprised when it didn’t carry over to later games.

After the FFB overhaul I feel FM7 has pretty solid FFB. On par with Assetto Corsa, and noticeably better than anything else I’ve played. It did take about four hours of tinkering with both in-game and on-wheel settings to get it where I was happy with it, so I do wonder how much of the difference of opinion on the FFB quality is differences in hardware/software/settings (and how they all interact) and how much is just personal opinion. Maybe I just got really lucky and all my variables work well together.

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I think realistic cockpit steering with arm movement for more than 180 degree has been requested since FM4 and since GT Sport did that way better we really want that.

As long as they keep making games that tailor to arcade racers that use the chase camera, you will not get this feature. Like previously mentioned, it has been a request since FM4. FH4 added a FOV adjustment, but it’s basically useless. Nothing compares to Assetto Corsa when it comes to cockpit view adjustability.

Like others here are saying, realistic wheel rotation has been requested since Forza 4. It didn’t bug me much back then (especially considering I suck at drifting), but it has become harder and harder to accept this very uncanny part of the realism. I do think there is hope though. We asked for years for night racing and weather as well, and we received it after a while. Considering how much work they are putting into Forza 8, I think me might finally see a result.

FOV adjustment would be great. I believe default FOV for most Forza games is 42 degrees or something quite low. Of course it would be a challenge to make this a console feature considering a bigger FOV eats performance, and we all no that Turn 10 has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to perfomance drops and anything but full resolution. Best solution might just be to make the default FOV big enough, like 70 or something.

I think this mistery of cockpit steering wheel rotating plus minus 90 is connected to long gone Microsoft 180 degrees steering wheel. I owned one and spent a lot of time playing Forza 2 and PGR 4 with it.
Cost me 150$ which is a lot considering 900 degrees DFGT had the same price tag.

Aside from the visuals, the cockpit view is quite poorly done, IMO. The readings and dials don’t work correctly, you don’t have any option to tinker with things like DRS, KERS or any other stuff like headlights and so on and worst part still: the steering wheel moves like a toy car’s, e.g. 90° left or right. That’s just silly and ruins the immersion 100%.

Why can’t the team have proper steering wheel and gear shifting animations for each car? Hope they’re reading this. Not particularly excited for Forza on SX.