Cockpit camera's

The cockpit camera’s in the number 2 Zakspeed Ford Capri turbo and the number 55 Liqui Molly Ford Capri Turbo are not equal with each other. The Zakspeed Capri is closer to the steering wheel and the windshield than the Liqui Molly Capri. Can the Zakspeed Capri In car camera be adjusted in the next update so that both in car camera’s are equal and we can see the the rear view mirrors on the sides of the Zakspeed car? Thank you

In the next update please Can the Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo in car camera view be adjusted so that it is equal with the Liqui Moly Ford Capri turbo’s in car camera? The Zakspeed in car camera is too close to the steering wheel and you can’t see the side rear view mirrors

This brings up the question as to why they’re different to begin with? Its the same car with different liveries, why is the in car position different?

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