Coca Cola Holiday 2015 design (In Progress)

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Hello Guys,

I am currently working on a holiday car based off of the Coca Cola polar bears for the 2015 Holiday Season. I wanted to get your guys opinions on how i could improve it.

I was planning on editing the polar bear cub on the rear corner panels because to me it looks kinda rushed.

The Bear on the hood and the bear on the side were from two different promotions from coca cola featuring the bears. I personally really like how the one on the side came out, but idk if I should make the bear on the hood look more similar to the one on the side.

Lemme know what you guys think!

I am NO Painter by any means - but looks pretty dang good to me ;] Great work ;] Will be waiting patiently for the finished project ;]

thank you for the kind words IROCZ. I will be definitely trying to get this out there for everyone to enjoy ;]

I’m useless for giving advice outside of how to paint stripes, so I can’t help you much, but I’m definitely looking forward to the final product! ; )

Im looking foward to releasing it to you guys for the holidays! :wink:

This image and the foot of snow outside have inspired me to start my exterior illumination today! Love it xchapterIV =)

Thanks CostlessCape!, I am glad i brightened up your holiday season! ;D

UPDATE: finally had some time to work on this design and this is what ive updated

Coca Cola 3

I have remade the polar bear on the rear quarter panels to better suit the panda on the side,

This Post will be re-edited as soon as things progress so keep checking this post out ;D

coke7 by xChapterIVx,
coke5 by xChapterIVx, on Flickr
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i redid the gradients to give it look similar to the northern lights or aurora borealis as well as put more stars on the roof
removed stars from polar bears face on roof

I can honestly say that I am finished with this design. I will throw together a tune for it and make both available on the storefront by December 1st. Id like to thank you all for giving me the motivation to help achieve my goal!

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One suggestion, if I may: add a subtle curve to the end of that polar bear’s mouth, it’ll make him look a little more cheery. The paint’s come together extremely well, fantastic job man! : )

cok9 by xChapterIVx, on Flickr

I took your advice and it does look considerably better. the source image of the bear was a neutral face and I ended up making it look like an ASPCA ad. Thanks Man


: )

This is looking really good xChapter IV, keep up the good work & keep us updated !

Thanks Cheddar!, and yes ill keep you all posted! :smiley: