Co-op drivatars unchanged for many weeks/a month+

so like hi /wave

my friend and i have been playing FH3 since the early release cause VIP and all that stuff but yeah we done everything co-op - normal australia blizzard mountain and hot wheels and a small thing we used to love doing was finding all the funny gamertags that would appear on the drivatars. We had fluffy ones, others wanting snuggles all manner of amusing names. It just added that bit extra to each event.

However sadly since one of the most recent car packs, either Porsche or that other one (was it mountain dew?), our list of co-op drivatars has been locked on the exact same names. I’m not going to say this is game breaking but is a bit boring and it takes away that little bit of amusement from each race. “who will we find this race” is gone and is now replaced with “well theres banana and comply and van and fellolololo” and so on and so forth (no those arent thier actual names but similar because hey i do remember these names having raced against them 100+ times). Its actually started to become a bit creepy now as i am seeing some of these same drivatar names appearing in horizon 2 which isnt even co-op. Its in my solo play through!

Is there any way we can fix this, force the game or whatever to start finding new drivatars again? We’ve tried all the different contents and even rotated who hosted the group and who was leader. As it is when we play single player those co-op drivatars do not exist they ONLY show up time and time again in co-op