CO OP Championships

I was wondering if there has been any official word on if they were going to address all the rage quitters that quit early during these events and make it harder to complete for those that don’t?

I understand that some people have emergencies or get kicked, but it’s really obvious when the quitting is more then twice as much as Online Adventure most of the time from what I have seen.

Also is anything going to be done about the Moochers in Forzathons? I started to stop in the middle of one if there is even one moocher.

While in the general Co Op it can be a pain, I’ve had everyone quit after losing the first race in one of the forzathon Co Op and I was able to finish the next two races and win the prize solo. As far as the AFK racers…I’m usually too focused on trying to drive to notice. I’ve been doing a lot more free for all racing as it eliminates a large amount of the “team” problems.

Yeah, but unfortunately it seems most wait to leave when the next game starts and even though they don’t show in the race anymore, they are still counted for points for the other team.

Would be nice if they would all just quit during the first race for me, but that has only happened once unfortunately.

You might want to check out how the points system works. People rage quitting actually makes it easier to win the rest of the races, not harder.


Not when they are quitting during the 1st and 2nd races in waves. It still counts them during that race even though they quit. It only helps if they all quit in the 1st race and not quit during the 1st and 2nd.

if you’re good, it’s actually easier to win the events. i welcome the quitters in the first event.

i enjoyed the mini event last season. re-ran it multiple times. i think my team only lost the championship once.


Apparently if you dont participate in the forzathon events you dont get the rewards either…so them sitting around they dont get anything

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All they have to do is one speed trap, zone, drift, etc. and then sit around, and then get all the points. Plus they make it harder for the rest of the people by making the points requirement higher. Which is not always to much harder, unless there is a lot of moochers or only a few cars to begin with.

I can verify that if the convoy leader passes through forzathon live as it starts, and you as a member of the convoy jumps in and does forzathon but leader doesn’t, no one gets points, but your effort does aid the others in finishing it.

Ask me how I know!:grin: Cough Mike cough cough.


I was driving across the country and accidentally went into a Forzathon Live area. My race venue was inside the pink area. So, I got some FP for doing nothing other than swapping a couple cars and spending some time testing/tuning for my race. Pure coincidence…not mooching.

You have to complete at least one speed trap, drift zone, etc. to get the Forzathon points. So if you got the points, you did more then just go into a Forzathon live area.

And I’m not talking about accidents, I’m talking about moochers… you know, the ones that show up and do one thing during the event and either just sit there or go off and do other things, intentionally.

They should make you select to join the event like they do everything else. This would help stop the accidental joins.