Co-Op career on next Forza

I am just thinking, with games emphasizing so much on their social aspect, it would be great if you and a friend (or maybe up to a total of 4 players) could create a team, start from the ground with “project cars” and eventually pick up sponsor ships and play together through career and the team accumulates points as a team in the championships.

I personally just find it annoying when my friends spam me with invites and we play online - and playing online does not give any unlocks and doesn’t help the career progress.

Just my two cents, I honestly think that a Co-Op career mode on a Forza Motorsports game (such as the one in F1 2012) would be great, with all players unlocking parts and being able to access the car store and garage and such.


I have had problems with previous co-op careers. Feeling like I have to play with them when they come on line. Wanting to play myself and they are not online.

I thought of a slightly different co-op option. Hotlapping with a passenger to show them your lines etc.