co op campaign championship issue

I Just did a few co op championships with a friends and only the host got credit, is this a bug? Anyone else have this issue.



What do you mean by credit? Did you do championships in their game and it wasn’t showing up as being done in your game? Any co-op games I’ve done I’ve got CR and XP, and my achievement % went up for events completed. I’d already done the exhibitions and championships in single player so I’ve only joined other co-op games, not hosted them myself.

its not showing as completed.

It was brought up a few days after release that only the host of co-op championships gets it marked off as completed

Gives you something to do…be the host next time

You’re lucky you even get to do co-op races, all the sessions I’ve joined are filled with either drifters or kids messing around in Gurkhas that never start a race.

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