Co-op and Solo Campaign Problems

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I have been playing through campaign with my friends, but I also want to progress further in campaign as a solo player but I seem to get stuck everytime when I choose a championship. It asks if I want to quit the championship whenever I choose the race then when I finish the race and move on to the next race in the series it asks me to quit the co-op championship again. So I’m only doing one race in the championship in solo before this happens again and I can’t progress through. Please if anyone knows what to do would be appreciated!

Had you unlocked Championships in solo before you started playing them in Co-Op?
Is this happening on different event locations or just one?
What level are you and how far have you progressed with unlocking other menu features and events in solo mode?
Have you rebooted?

im having same problem i rejoined my cousin to finish the championship then went back to solo and still have same problem i tried everything to fix it nothing works

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The problem is that progress doesn’t carry over. When you go back you have to complete the races again. Very stupid and the guy in the trailer says everything carries over.

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Having same issue. Played with the son and went back to solo. Able to start a new championship and then all remaining events in the championship including the one I just did only allow for exhibition. If you select championship it says that there is a co-op one in progress which there is not, as my son and I went and started a brand new one and finished completely. Vicious circle.

its rather annoying since we cant complete the events completetly

turn 10 yall need to fix this if i cant play the game to the fullest and complete everything then u will lose a very loyal forza fan

If you start a “Championship” in co-op or solo, you need to finish it before joining another championship in either mode. Otherwise you lose all progress in that championship.

But progress DOES carry over, but only if you FINISH the current championship. Also, whoever hosts a Co-Op campaign, you see their progress so far, not your own … you don’t see your own until you quit back to solo.

We know how the system works. Not sure if you fully understood the first post. I elaborated a bit more in my post. Thankfully, it seems mine has fixed itself. It’s allowing me to continue the championship I started in single player. After the first race of a solo championship it is now allowing me to continue the championship as opposed to being locked and only allowing an exhibition. This is when it would say the message about completing the co-op championship first. Even though it was done plus a new solo one had been started and the first race completed.

I have noticed that some of the championships start at say “Festival Level 2” and then some of the races in the same championship don’t show up until “Festival Level 3” … which I do find rather annoying. I’m not sure if that’s what happened to you.

Hey guys I found a fix to this problem. Everytime when you leave a co-op campaign lobby, you have to exit the entire game and reboot Forza Horizon 3 again to continue solo. It’s annoying but this has worked for me everytime. Hope this helps!

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