[CMS] Controller Motorsport is recruiting

Controller Motorsport is a team with common goals, built on friendship, and a drive to become faster. We are active in both Horizon and Motorsport. We also participate in the Mileage Masters Championship, every Sunday. With more team activities to come in the future (as membership grows). There is room for anyone who meets the requirements and looking to improve as we are in it together and want to help each other have even more fun.


  • English speaking
  • Any skill level (basically just need to be a clean driver)
  • Willing to represent CMS in your GT (Ex: CMS name)
  • Sportsmanlike and respectable
  • Active forza player

Team activities:

  • Hot lapping
  • Tune/paint collaborations
  • Mileage Masters Championship (every Sunday)
  • Team lobbies for party style games
  • Mentoring sessions to learn new things on Forza
  • Host our own league/competition
  • Forza League races

The list goes on and on. A goal is to have a active and thriving team.

A team logo is in the pipeline. While a website will come when there is good reason to have one. Our weekday play times are in the evening, like my free time is from 4-9pm CST.

If you’re interested, add me on Xbox and send me a message. - CMS Gears