Clutch stall / stutter from start with manual + clutch

I finally bought FH4 on PC, because I was still playing FM7, and I’m confused as to why I can’t start a race without stuttering/stalling off the line when using manual + clutch and all assists off. It’s not really been an issue for me in any previous Forza game (acknowledging that FM7 is usually a rolling start). I use the custom set up with clutch as A, shift up as B and shift down as X, which itself was a pain to set up.

A quick search online tells me that I need to rev and drop the clutch to get going, but there isn’t really enough time at the start of races to actually do this. The other solution appears to be to continuously tap the clutch to get it to bite, but that still loses a lot of time off the line and it doesn’t work well with all cars. It’s a problem when races are so short and I want to race against the top two avatar difficulties depending on the car I’m using.

Have I missed anything or do I have to live with it?? I don’t understand why they didn’t give us a few more seconds on the line.

I use the default pad settings, not that I would assume it makes a difference to your stalling issue.

When launching at the start of a race, you do not need to use the clutch, just use the throttle and you get a great launch.

So.….I just tried the 1st controller set up, which is almost identical to my custom layout except for the clutch moving from LB to A (plus a couple of other minor changes), and my starts are FINE…as far as I can see it has to be a bug.

But I really don’t want to use LB as clutch after so many years using A!!

Weird, I gather it is common for people to use A for the clutch and I haven’t heard of this issue but I can’t say it doesn’t exist. I would double check your settings first though.

Thanks. Surely there are no settings which could cause this issue…I can’t see anything. On FM7 I use default layout 1 but turn on the ‘switch clutch’ option, which switches LB and A. I haven’t seen an option for this on FH4.

I just remapped my buttons (switched LB and A) using the Xbox accessories app and that works fine on FH4, but I have the annoyance of having to click LB through menus!

Do you mean here? From 1:55:

I think the menu might be slightly different on PC, it was in advanced settings. I’d have to check on the Xbox to be sure though. Anyway, annoying problem solved!

I use the same settings, I have never stalled at the starting line in H4. It used to happen in Forza 6 with some of the higher powered cars but I have not experienced that in H4 or F7. Swapping hand brake and clutch was hard to setup? It’s an option on some of the setups.

Right I’ve found it now…on FH7 swapping e-brake and clutch was on the main screen when changing controller settings…on FH4 it’s in the advanced menu…thank god for that. I didn’t even notice you can press start for advanced settings.

Ah nice one, congrats :smiley:

I have the same settings on PC and XBox, yes advanced but it is just an option to swap handbrake and clutch on I forget which config.