Clutch options?

Hi all,

I have a steering wheel / sequential shifter / 3 pedal setup for Forza and was wondering if there was a way to enable automatic clutch per car?
Basically, I like to drive cars that have a traditional manual clutch and shifter and sometimes I’d like to drive a car that I believe would have a manual clutch and paddle shifters (for example changing from a Ford Sierra Cosworth to an Acura NSX '17).
Would like to know if there is a way to set the clutch between manual and auto depending on the type of car I choose to drive? H-shifter and sequential are interchangable on my setup.
If there aren’t any currently available options then I would like to see this available in the future, as well as an option to set the car assist options as they are like in pCARS2.


There ia no actual way to do that, at least not now, most likely in a future update. I own a wheel my self and there is no way to do that.

Project Cars supports this option and it’s really good, would defo like to see this in Forza. I believe it’s auto clutch.

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Just change from manual w/clutch to manual. You can use your paddle shifters, the sequential shifter or a h-pattern without using the clutch. If you have a thrustmaster tx you can leave it in manual w/clutch and hold the mode and A button on the wheel to activate the auto clutch feature. This will allow you to still use the clutch whenever you want with the benefit of not having to shift with it if you dont want to.

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I’ve a T500RS with a Drivehub. Unfortunately the Mode and A button doesn’t do anything on this wheel but, foolishly, I assumed that once you start a race then you can’t access the assist modes but found that you can so will do that from now on.