Clubs not working

So my clubs not displayed in game also don’t get club points/rewards for playing in a team doesn’t show anywhere.

Is it broken???

Are you playing on a PC or console?

Yes I’m on PC

Are there any rewards from club on Forza Horizon 4, similar to those frome Forza Horizon 3? I can’t find that option in the game. Clubs seems to be in this game only to get people together, no bonuses for club members. Strange in my opinion.

It´s a bug.
Since yesterday is no club bonus display after race, it was always there.

I joined a club and it doesn’t even show in game. The game still tells me to join/create one but I can see the club I’m in perfectly in the xbox application.

Also on PC fwiw. So yes, it would seem there’s some rather major issues with clubs.

well im glad its not just me. this club system is utter garbage compared to FH3

Do we know if this is being looked into?

I would like to know too. right now beeing in a club is almost pointless.

nobody knows anything. they must have gone on holiday with all our money.

Better keep this active so it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

I created a club right after the early release in September and I still don’t have my club listed by my name. It used to mention it in the club tab in the game but it said it was unranked. The past several days it doesn’t even mention it in the club tab any more. It still exists outside the game in the clubs menu on my Xbox One, and has five members listed, but the game ignores it.

Still nothing?

i have 25 member all family and friends no nothing works atm