Clubs in FH4

Not sure if this has been answered or not (apologies if it has). Anyone know if there will have clubs in H4?

Ok so i have i question about car clubs!

How many clubs can i be in?
I do know it uses the Xbox Clubs.
But can i use an existing Xbox club in FH 4?

  1. You’d need to test it but I would presume you can only be in 1 Horizon Club.

  2. It does, however any Clubs made from within Forza Horizon 4 are branded as “Horizon Clubs” throughout the Xbox social space. From what I can tell they have all of the standard Xbox club features, but also some additional integration with Forza Horizon 4.

  3. No.

Here is a Club I created in Forza Horizon 4 which you can view on Xbox should you want to see what’s different to regular Clubs.

does anyone know how to unlock clubs in fh4?

Play more into the game

Unlocks at level 20, it appears.

I think I’m only lvl 8 and I have them. I joined a club from the Xbox app yesterday first though.

So I played solid to get to level 20 so I could create me team/club. It opened but I can’t create one. Says servers are down. Any idea when it will be working? I want to get my team together from FH3.

i created my club this morning around 640am, be patient and keep trying…

that is not a horizon club in the game, you unlock them at level 20…

Do you confirm that level 20 is required?

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yes, at level 20 you complete the first season and drive back to the festival to collect your wristband. clubs are available after that…

So clubs are now integrated into Microsoft club functionality. On the surface this seems great but in reality they are worse for it.

No longer xp rewards.
No xp comparison between members

And worst of all:

Absolutely no way of knowing member inactivity!

Your thoughts?


They are much worse. I spent fifteen minutes trying to find out the basic functions that were in FH3 (comparing who is in the club, checking out your XP level for the week, messages, …) but they simply don’t exist anymore. What they did was take the worst part of FH3 clubs (all club members populate your game and rivals) and that’s it. I instantly checked out of the club as soon as I realized that. I’d rather compare my rivals to people on my friend list, not from some random club where I know 1 % at best. The only advantage you get from being in a club is 15 % or so more influence from races. Nah, I’d rather watch an afk mixer stream for that instead of destroying my ingame experience with loads of “insert club tag here” drivers.

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Its a BIG STEP BACK :frowning: .


When does that unlock?

After you register for the Horizon Roster, which means you have to go through the 4 seasons in the beginning of the game.

K thanks

Dang, another unfortunate step back. No Groove music, I’ve read Rivals is lacking, Bucket Lists gone (albeit replaced by Stories), and now Clubs take a hit, bummer…

(disclaimer: I haven’t started game yet, hoping to this afternoon after work)

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Stories is a bad replacement for bucket lists. Difficulty is wildly inconsistent and you always start in the same area for all ten events.