Clubbed Up 4

Anyone have any ideas when this is going to take place ?

No clue just yet, though tonight at the Gauntlet will be held.

I hope I’m wrong but it may be that the controversy surrounding the outcome of CLU3 may have signalled the death knell of the concept.

I’m pretty sure there will be one, but people should take note that the system will lock you into the club you post your first time with, changing clubs will not change what club the system has you assigned to, as I believe that’s what happened last time

I’m pretty sure it was stated that clubbed Up 4 would be happening near the end of the month, with one each month potentially.

I won’t get into any of the controversy stuff here, but let’s just say that for at least one more contest, clubbed up will continue. It was in one of then ews articles, feel free to look through them and post a link, I can’t be bothered right now so…

I was told that clubbed up 4 would start the last weekend of this month. Anyone know what is going on with it??

Who told you it?

I’m pretty sure in either the Clubbed Up 3 results thread phRED was saying that it would be col if we could do this every month once a month, and that we should look for Clubbed Up 4 the last weekend of the month.

Either that, or something very similar in a News article relating to Clubbed Up that was posted around the time.

In any case, if there is nothing going one - we can all have a go at North by Northeast and see how much we can improve ourselves by?

Is the clubbed up event going to happen or is it over???

Just wait. They’re probably busy with the March DLC and then F&F. Perhaps it will be soon with the new cars.

Any news if clubbed up returns? It was so much fun!
I hope we can run another one

Nothing yet, though I’m sure phREDESIGN mentioned wanting to do another one during a stream.

I’m sure we will see one soon as they’re rather fun!

I can’t make its own event for it, but I can sure pick a class and track and keep score of the top 200 by hand if there be interest for a Clubbed Up 3.1.

S2 d’orcia circuit :slight_smile:
(Apex (my clan) is really good there)

So that disqualifies that track. Why would we pick a track that one club or another has specifically already practiced or proclaimed to be really good at. That somewhat takes away the challenge. You want to pick a track that perhaps you aren’t as good at or that the competition (As a whole) hasn’t spent a lot of time doing so that there is actually some challenge to the challenge event.

What you are proposing would be a very good challenge but I think it would be more of the Bounty Hunter style challenges of old.

I would also have to look through the leaderboards and find a track and class that does not have many times on it or where the times are primarily from Solo Championships and not already pushing the boundaries of the track so that I could use the leaderboard to collect data and not have to rely on people posting results or making a thread based leaderboard.