Cloud data from my PC not transfering to my xbox

so spent some money and bought a car but on my xbox the money is not gone and i dont have the car just the game before that :confused:
Can anyone please help resolve this issue.

There have been a few posts recently regarding switching off PCs too early before saves have been uploaded to the cloud.

e.g. Cloud saves sync - Forza Horizon 4 Discussion - Forza Motorsport Forums

The obvious first thing to try is start the game on PC using the save on the hard drive of the PC if prompted.

Enter the main Horizon site and do something which would alter a save such as change car or outfit etc.

Exit the Horizon site, wait for both rotating circles in the bottom right corner of the screen to disappear. Go to the pause in car screen press the lit up XBOX button quickly to go HOME and quit the game from the HOME menu. Wait for a few minutes for the cloud save to be updated before switching off the PC. It may be advisable to wait for a while before trying the game on the console again.

I suppose it is possible that when you started the game on the XBox it updated the save on the cloud and wonโ€™t give you the option to use the save on the PCโ€™s hard drive.