Clothing rewards in Wheelspins

…drives me crazy!! I hated them in FH4 and hate them just as much in FH5. I’d much rather see XP or Skill Points or Forzathon Points than useless clothing. You know something we can benefit from.

I ALWAYS feel let down and disappointed with a clothing reward. I never find myself saying “oh wow, striped socks, awesome!” Not ever. Please consider removing them completely and let us purchase what we want from the character creation / modification screen or Forzathon Shop.

Gaaaaah…rant over.

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It’s very annoying that players complaining about them will not buy them.

Amen, agree with the OP 100%

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Thank you for proving my point.

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I keep getting the horn from this game.

Yeah, I get far too many horns. Possibly because I bought so much of the clothes.

Can we change? About 75% of my wheelspins are 5000-20000 credits. Because I really want E1M1 one.

Petition to introduce a flea market for clothes and horns ?

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Clothing on the auction house? Sure. Gonna be flooded with nothing but striped socks and baby barf green miniskirts.

Why should they remove something because you personally dislike it? Are you high?

I for one enjoy the clothing and I’ve had my eye on those striped socks since the start! Still haven’t gotten them yet though

Why do I have to be high to voice a point of view? I suggested removing clothing from wheelspins in favor of items that help our progression, not remove from the game.

As to why the devs should remove something because I personally dislike something in the game, of course they won’t. However, if a game feature or function is or becomes a pain point for much of the player base, well that’s a different story. How will they know if something is a pain point? We provide our feedback.

Is clothing items in wheelspins a pain point for the majority of the player base? Hahaha, probably not, but it is for me so here we are.

Let’s have it because you personally like it :slight_smile:

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We need a Mexican stall in the village to sell our stuff… oh no… why do I get the feeling that they will like this idea!