Closed off construction area on map?

Is it possible to visit the site just to the right of the construction site?
When looking at the map there are some buildings there but I can’t seem to find a way to get close and visit.

Have a look here:

If its blocked off than no. But if you find a glitch/bug to get in than yes.


I think there is a way to get there but obviously it involves gltiching and jumping. I’m not sure if its the same place( I am quite sure though) but on Youtube if you search up out the map glitches I saw a video with some British guys trying to jump there after gltiching out of the map.

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Future circuit racing location for porsche dlc?

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I remember in Horizon 2 there was an out of map glitch near the airstrip. Only certain cars worked and the glitch would take you to this secret place with more roads, good for drifting. I’m assuming the devs put it there when they were making the game and then closed it off by putting a car meet entrance before you could get there.

Interesting! Those car meet entrances used to sneak up on me during some events. That’s one thing I think they did better in 3, not really having them.