close race on goliath

done a 5 lap race on goliath and for the first time every car finished. used to be cars stuck everywhere has this been fixed with the last update?

it was a close race aswell,if you look at the screenshot 1st to 12th was covered by under 10 seconds of a gap.

Yeah, this was the one obvious fix in the November update. The AI doesn’t get lost on its way around the map. I had a Ford GT HE drop for me yesterday (YAY!) and I took it for a one-lap spin around Australia. 2nd place was 15 seconds behind, then everyone else zoomed across the line in rapid succession about 10 seconds after that.

Yea the race wasn’t that close, Same thing happened to me and I was way way ahead after I finshed they all piled though the finish line.

Did they get stuck, Uber?

I’m asking to see if it’s finally possible to get some clean laps while racing now? It use to be 99% impossible before.

Yea is did it after the patch and got a few clean laps and only lapped 2 cars once on lap 5? in a 9 lap race and got 3 clean laps.

Recently I have been running 5 lappers in either S1 Jag HE or S1 BRZ HE. Whilst they do have power upgrades they are not power heavy builds.

I have run about 5 or 6 of these since the patch and had zero clean laps due to rubberbanding.

I am racing on anything goes and unbeatable.

Sure some laps I make mistakes but even if not they will rubberband to me and I get dirty due to drafting, not that I really care.

I assume if I use a better build or better car they will not catch me.

If you’re doing endurance races and are a good driver the new drivatars actually make things easier for you. Since you don’t have to lap them every round the chances for top speed collisions, curve disasters and losing big skill chains are far lower now. So you get faster rounds and more total XP.

I used a S1 F-Type to around level 400 too, then I switched to an X-classed 2017 Ford GT HE (buying wheelspins from HE-credit boost started to become more efficient than getting them from XP-bonus-earned spins), difficulty bonus 80%.

No, rubberbanding will prevent it.

If you want a clean lap go get way less xp and run rivals :wink:

Nope not that diehard. Only way I’m on Goliath again is for credits/ XP so in a race. If I could do two birds one stone or get rival challenges by friends who I would normally not be ok with beating me. Perhaps. But no I’m not running it in rival. The time spent for a LB- I could easily make a ton more in race. I don’t mind rivaling to death the smaller circuits. But my level up has suffered quite a bit from rivals

Wow, who could do a race that takes 54 minutes? Not me, that’s for sure. Once around that course is more than enough.

That was just the warmup :wink:

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