Client side weather in online races

Client side weather for online races seems to be worse in FH5. In FH4 you had some races were it was raining for you but not for someone else but now it is like a 50/50 coin toss. When I’m driving online public races with a friend and it is raining, it is almost guaranteed that one of us doesn’t have rain or a wet track which is obviously a advantage.

Seriously is this how it works? Can anyone else confirm. If so wtf how stupid lol.

It happened to me and my friends and it happened in a Nalak stream I watched.

Ok… I had no idea this was a thing. Im still struggling to wrap my head around the reasoning… Shouldn’t each driver race under the same conditions. Like why on earth would you make it different for each player. Driving in wet vs dry makes a massive difference…

Of course its worst lol. 99% of the things are way worst in FH5. Weather is horrible.
Also, rain effects, and other weather effects are completely horrible, its like the devs of the game decided to use low quality assets for everything in this game.
Plus, as you said, it just doesnt work. Its like weather is completely random it doesnt matter if you are in the same session than your friends.

It’s another thing that need fixing.

You look at the game, and how many things actually do need fixing? Even something simple like Drafting barely works now… you get hardly any speed up from drafting in FH5.