Cleaning up the Auction House. - Current Toyota Supra

There are too many of these cars out there. I have so far removed over 100 from the auction house, and then from my garage. I will keep doing this until I get rid of them all. Why? because I have 460 Million dollars in game, and frankly have nothing better to do.

Feel free to chip in and remove some, or suggest other cars that there are way too many of.

I would love to remove Barn Finds from the Game, because all those MG MGB’s keep getting auctioned, and re Auctioned once people use them for the credits. But they just clutter the Auction house up


Been trying to get 2 Renaults, but 20mil each is far too much!

Which one are you looking for that is 20 Mil? the FE version is 28k all the time. Thats the one I am removing.

Clio 2003 and Megaine RS 2018. Both going for 20mil. Ackk! I don’t want them per se, but I want to finish my collection. I have 4 cars left to get (I think): these 2, the Lambo Diablo GTR and the Camaro Pre-Order.

You gotta expect barn finds to be abundant seeing as you cant just remove them from your garage.

I really wish they would change that. For the reason of the MGB alone. People get the 300k in credits then relist it. Someone else gets it and finds the money gone, then relists, then someone else does the same…

I don’t understand why players don’t just remove form garage when doing this.

After completing the main game, I used to purchase all the cheap 1965 Austin Healy 3000MKIII around a year or more ago in order to claim the wheelspin for 4 skill points, in order to try and win the Wheelspin Exclusive cars and increase my bank.

But rather than re-auction those cars, I used to remove from garage, so I never wasted my time potentially buying them back again.

Done this probably over 1000+ times in total and got me on my way to my side challenge of hitting 999,999,999cr

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If the weekly forzathon vehicle is standalone rather than a car type they definitely get cleaned out. Then without fail, players will buy them out for 20mil when they can be purchased in the autoshow for chump change. Lol

Why on earth would anyone do this. All you are doing is hoping to deny the car to others who may want it?

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There’s gazillions of them, I just delete them rather than listing them, because they don’t sell at minimum price in the AH. It’s pointless trying to clear the AH of them because the game constantly gives people more of them.


I do the same to cars I don’t want and can’t sell. That makes perfect sense. What makes no sense (to me) is going on a crusade to ‘clean up’ the auction house.

Bear in mind that some previously very common cars have ended up being rare, and vice versa. So the only possible thing the OP could achieve is making the Clio FE so rare that price gougers start listing it for 20m?

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I agree with Nietzsche. It makes no sense to do this. Especially with a car that probably hundreds of thousand of people have. It doesn’t do anything. If OP wants to waste their time on something so trivial I guess to each their own.




My favorite FE Capri has had 15 owners. Never driven prior to me. Every single car perk purchased though. I’ll never win one the real way.

I’d like to see Fthon shop have stuff like Trueno, R34, Aventador J, 22B, 812. Stuff that lots of players want, but can’t get as first owner.

And take the sale-proof stuff out of wheelspins. Waste of electrons and server space.

I’m on 3rd round of 999999999 and spent 300MM buying 599XX Evos and selling for half price. Hopefully to end users. Added tune, nice livery. Saw couple up immediately for huge money, bought them back and dumped them cheap again.

Maybe a special Autoshow with rare stuff only for 100MM each. Can’t sell for more than 20MM so that’d stop speculators (like I used to do).

Clio FE with good S1900 tune is a great car though. Funny thing, there are more rare Renaults now than any other make.

The GTR is scarce, hence cheap. Surprised anyone cares. PO Camaro gettable.
Going to have to pay for the Renaults for now.
Cougar seems like its similar to Capri FE, likely rarer.
Good luck.
Pista flipping good plan, only 9MM now. Should be 20MM fairly soon, or at least 15.

Been sitting @ 999,999,999cr for ages, so dicided to go on a buying spree.

Just bought out the following for 20,000,000 each:
Apollo IE x 2
Feriari Pista x 2
AM PO x 9
AM Vulcan AMR Pro x 5

Plus three other 20m cars.

Anyway, took my balance down to 600,000,000ish

Then removed them all from my garage.

Don’t see the point of re-auctioning them as the scalpers will just rinse and repeat.

Well, I quit at 200, my plan backfired, as I needed to make room to get these all claimed, I sold the Dupes I was sitting on, Now I’m at 500 Mil.

To Answer some questions and make some points.
1 - Why? Because I can, and I know its not going to make a bit of difference, there are no less than 80 of these ending in the next hour right now. Of them, 2 have bids. So I’m not worried about anyone being cheated, or the system suddenly making them valuable. Could it happen? Sure, will this car, with its clean skills boost do it, extremely doubtful. It’s my copy of the game, I’m having some fun, wasting my time and hurting no one.
2 - To What end? Just wanted to mess around and see if it would make a dent, 200 some odd later, no change. But at least 200 people got some money for them.
3 - Why Do people relist after taking the cash? Because they can’t remove Barn finds. Simple as that. Why they relist the others is pure greed. In the early days of FH4, there was no option to remove cars from the garage, the auction house was the only hope. And you did not have the option to sell the dupes from the wheelspin page either. You were stuck. 15 rabbits? 10 Corrados, and 6 of each Golf? Too bad, hope you can sell them on the Auction House. So Glad that allow for the selling and removing now. Just wish they would let you sell the barn finds.
4 - All my cars are one owner, Me. I don’t have any from the Auction House that I have kept. Its just the way I am, I want to “earn” each car. I’ve completed everything in the game so far, all the seasonals, now I’ve moved on to trying to make better designs, and better custom routes. I Put up some Tunes as well, some are really good, others mediocre. But for my driving style, I love them.
5 - You should try one of my Custom routes. Dirt Track Doubleback is pretty fun. Also have one called toss your cookies. Just made a long speed course called Gojira as well.

What cars to you get tired of not being able to sell?


Don’t see any harm putting things on the auction house. If they don’t sell…whatever. It will automatically remove them eventually if they didn’t sell (no need to claim back to garage). Some common cars have surprisingly sold. Anything to help out a starting player who is looking to save credits on cars.

So it looks like the Supra is the new car to re-auction with the perks pillaged. Sigh

Once I realized that 99% of the ppl buying supras in the ah were ppl trying to get them cheap, get the super wheelspin/100k and then dump them onto someone else… I started doing it.

Pretty pointless when they are buyable in the auto show anyway