Clean racing.

I’m looking for people to add to my friends list who want to have clean races. All skill levels are welcome as long as you try to drive as clean as possible and give places back if you hit someone etc.

Ideally this group would be mutual friends on their own lists so that when online people can make lobbies and don’t have to race on the hoppers as they are frustrating as discussed extensively on the forums.

Anyone interested add me you your friends list.

Try this group. We are all keen and clean racers.

Link to post describing our group.

Link to a youtube video showing examples of the races.

me and my friends race most nights from 1900 gmt, we race r class leaderboard cars and r class gt but not exclusively we had a quick blast on p class last night. we are all clean drivers and are numbers are growing each day. its a casual group of mutual friends we have some teams that race with us and we have agreed to merge lobby’s with another group of racers. add me and I will send invites out