Clean Racers

Is there a forum topic post here anywhere that lists clean racers or has an area to friend such individuals. I tried online play after avoiding it for a few months and its a disaster. I’m not looking for a destruction derby, just people that seem to enjoy racing.

You just have to adapt. At the start either fall back and then drive through the first corner carnage and you’ll likely be in the top 5. Or if you start in front avoid the standard race line and stick to the sides. Collisions will still happen but much less frequent.

You really just have to keep races online to find like-minded racers and not idiots who think that smashing into others constantly is what Forza is designed for.

Yes, it is perfection when you eventually get into that lobby, where people actually race! it takes the fun and excitement out at the beginning, but like what is said, just hang back, or side it, and smile as you drive past…a great feeling.