Clean laps in career

Sup guys, just wondering if getting a clean lap in career is impossible for anyone else. I just raced a 4 lap race at Hockenheim and the last 2 laps I didn’t drop a wheel, didn’t see any errors and was way out front on the 4th lap so no possible draft. So far I’ve seen this in most of my races. Anyone else?

Not possible to get a clean lap in a race… only on leaderboard. the only good thing is like in FM5 the leaderboard pays you to do laps. So you can increase your affinity and driver level with hot laps. Unlike FM4

I tried to do clean laps in career but gave up pretty quick. Doing plenty in rivals after I realized that some Crew mods will dirty your laps.

I set clean laps in races all of the time. I don’t know why people say the game won’t allow it. It’s not always easy, but it can be done.

I pretty much don’t do rivals, but the race times are all there when I look them up.

About the only times mine show dirty is when it’s been a close race, or I grind xp/fredits with boost mods.

I managed to get one in a showcase event at Indy in an indycar, but since then I haven’t been able to. But the mods thing I am about to check out because I forgot I had an increase grip mod from the hour long prologue!

Clean laps are indeed possible. But a little difficult. Just remember these 5 things:

  1. Don’t get drafted.
  2. Don’t draft.
  3. No contact of ANY kind.
  4. No mods.
  5. Don’t use rewind.
    That will ensure you can get a clean lap time. It is still one of the most infuriating aspects of this game sometimes.
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^^ This

  • with difficulty set a bit lower then you can handle - NO MODS at all in the three slots - once you break free from the pack (assuming you don’t have a drivatar friend going your same pace) - I usually get 2 laps or so of trying for clean lap.

Definitely possible.

How do you know it’s clean?, there is no dirty lap indicator in career.

Post race menu has a leaderboard tab, or you can look in rivals.

If you mean durring the race, you don’t. You just have to learn the track, and know the fair and foul bounderies.

I believe Chevy Chase would put it, “Be the track…”. XD

Yes, and 1, 2, and 3 need to be done during your “clean lap” and the last sector of the previous lap. You can’t violate track boundaries and/or draft at the end of the previous lap and then set a clean lap.

if rewind is an option - when you do dirty - a “press Y for rewind” pops up — but if you respect the track limits and where clean in the last secot of the lap before - you’ll see it on the LBs

drafting is not a bad thing in the game just when you are supposed to be your time against another persons time on a LB. Otherwise it would be teams of persons running in drafts to get the fastest time and the solo person would be left out in the dust and he would be crying -

As it is there has been some of this in the past or something similar to cat and mouse on the ovals and man there was a big stink about that.

The no drafting or being drafted is to even the playing field to solo runs.

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To expand on drafting, it only triggers when your car hits 100+ mph. Not to say keeping it under 100 is a good idea or feasible unless in like D class. Just a note.

In all motorsports you draft. In every aspect that is racing. Why is drafting dirty in this game. I call shenanigans.

Because then two or more drivers could work together to set much faster lap times than would be possible solo.

I haven’t raced much career, but I put in clean laps in almost every race that I did. I never used any mods.

If you dirty the previous lap within 30 seconds (I think) of the start/finish line, the next lap will be dirty as well.

Call it shenanigans then until you get the clue.

Not drafting itself is dirty. It will only make a clean lap “dirty” because by being drafted you have got an advantage in setting a fast clean lap at the leaderboard.

Look, If FIA F1, NASCAR and any other motorsport sets records in races using this policy most records would be null and void. All im saying is drafting should never be considered dirty.

However you don’t tend to have say A class cars drafting X class cars in those motorsports, which is the sort of thing that used to go on with some of the older titles. Same with the dirty in the last sector of the previous lap - that was introduced to stop people pushing lower class cars up to ridiculous speeds as they started a lap.

These things have been introduced over the years because people tended to exploit every possible trick in the book in order to get a top time. So shenanigans it may be but it was the shenanigans of the users, that caused them to be introduced, not anything T10 necessarily wanted to implement.


*edit - already answered. I was too slow.

I can understand why drafting dirties your time, but I have always felt getting dirty laps for being drafted is very silly.

I get the impression by the removal of the dirty lap indicator that they don’t want us to be thinking of hotlapping while other cars are on the track anyway.

Mods will dirty your race. In career. That’s what I remember.
I don’t want a clean lap recorded in career anyway, so I will always equip a mod to make that happen.
I rather do clean laps in time attack.