Clean laps/ dirty laps - Noob question

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i frequently default to a “dirty lap” (! and triangle) when racing, especially it seems in Rivals. I’ll cross the finish line and be instantly in the “dirty lap” mode.

I can’t remember the name of it (friction or something) but in your assists options, I think it’s the bottom one, set that to off. If that doesn’t work then you’ll need to stay on the track for the whole lap.

Checked that, Friction Assists are off. Still confused…

You probably dirtied the lap in the last sector of the previous lap. That will make the next lap start dirty.

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Thx! I’ll try making sure the end sector is clean and see how that works.

I’ve been having this issue, my take on it is if that, at any point during the race you get off track you’ll always get dirty laps until you pit and change your tyres. Almost as if they get dirty and won’t allow you a clean lap xD it’s silly but it’s the only “fix” I’ve found.

If I dirt one lap by going off course, no matter how many clean laps I do afterwards it stays dirty until I pit stop

I just told you exactly why. Zero to do with pitting and changing tires. You can use rewind if you dirty in the last sector to the point before you dirtied it. Damn we need to help people understand track limits. Can’t wait.

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the problem with this, for me at least, is that if I use rewind at any point the lap stays dirty. Even if it’s to reverse to a pre-dirty secto before the next lapr.

I wasn’t claiming universal truth, just what works for me, because rewinding never has thus far.

The lap will not “clean” itself. It stays dirty by design. It won’t change until you start another lap and have not dirtied anymore in that last section. That is by design.

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Are you using friction assist? or super easy?

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@MintMosquito845 / @RuiFerreira13,

You might also want to go to Options->HUD and set Rewind Notification to ON. As soon as you use rewind, that lap will remain “Dirty” but the notification will make it easier to identify if you exceed track limits again after you have already made the lap dirty. As Leetorts stated, any dirtying action in the last sector of a lap will ALWAYS make the next lap dirty. Use the feature I’ve mentioned to make sure you don’t exceed track limits on the last sector, even though you may have already dirtied the lap in either of the first two sectors.