clean lap

I know its hard to get a clean lap in FH2 but has anyone seen if it keeps track of youre clean laps?

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Yes it does because sometimes that stat will show on the loading screen.


I can get clean laps, or i can win a race, usually not both. lol
Unless i leave the pack behind, but that’s not nearly as exciting.

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I’m at 75% completion and driven over 3000 miles and i have. … 3… clean laps! Oops. Kinda goes against the flavor of the game to really try to hard to run a clean lap.

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If you say so :wink:

7,422 miles

2,336 clean overtakes

201 clean laps

Clean = doable.

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Never said it wasnt doable. Il, just note that horizon rewards for “trading pain”, “sketchy pass”, and “sideswipe” etc… Its a street racing game and the first rule in street racing is, there are no rules!
If i want to race “properly” ill pop in forza motorsport.
To each thier own. ; )

There are also rewards for racing clean.

There is also something called clean streak xp.

To each their own for sure. For me the game does not determine how I play, unless there are specific objectives to take people out like in NFS rivals. If it is just racing, then I aim to race clean as much as possible. I could not care less about the xp bonuses either.

Having said that one of my stats jumps out at me. Most collisions in a race - 82 lol.

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LOL, mine’s 80. Probably from laggy crashers, they hit you like 27 times in a single ‘bump’ cuz of the lag. Then they ‘bump’ you 4 times, giving you 108 collisions…

I noticed a few days ago that my highest collision race was at 42 and didn’t think that sounded right. Makes sense to me that it could be lagging crashes like you say.

Fair enough, just saying the zaniness of FH2 and clean racing aren’t mutually exclusive, they just differ slightly in places (driving in the grass, for example)

clean lap whats that ? ^^

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Its easier to track on F5 a clean lap i found out is when you dont draft or being draft onother car no accident and no driving oitside the course its easier in F5 to do and in rivals than FH2

It would seem “clean lap” in FH2 means:

-No collisions with other cars

-No unbreakable objects hit

-No sloppy landings

-No rewinds used

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It is hard to do a clean lap with all those buildings in your way