Class Specific Rivals not loading.

I know the game is 3 years old and many players have moved on to FM6 FH3 AND FM7, but I do not have the extra cash to throw into new games right now and I enjoy being able to take my own builds into the Class Rivals and compare my builds to others. I like the Class Specific events because then I can choose which car I want to use on what track at that moment. I also create several builds for each car to suit various track types. For over a week I have been asking on Twitter if the servers have been shut down, if the game has been “EOL’d” or if it is something simply broken and in need of repairs, but aside from a handful of likes have gotten no response. Does anyone know what’s going on? This is for FM5.

Hello! Time Attack on Rivals mode currently does not load your Rival but will let you run hot laps for affinity, driver level, post-race credit payouts and leaderboards. Since the Rivals don’t load though there is no Rivals bonus included in the post-race payout. This is something Turn 10 acknowledged some time ago but they have not updated as to when (or if) they will add Rivals back into Time Attack.

As an alternative you can set up races in Free Play or use other Rivals events to get the ghosts uploaded and running (such as Rivals Spec challenges).

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Thank you. You are the first to respond in nearly two weeks. I was hoping to get the rivals bonuses, but at least I can compare my times on the leaderboards.

I mainly use Time Attack for practice whenever I get a new car or change a tune setup, or whenever I need creds faster (I seem to earn faster in Time Attack than I do on Career). I do like the leaderboards, it gives me goals.

The Rivals were disabled when they gave the game in the Games with Gold program.

A lot of players created some topics here at the time but I think they won us over. People got tired of waiting.