Class racing?

I just moved to the city and am now online…yay!.. but for forza … Obviously the career is all division racing. :frowning: Going through rivals and there is one race which you can tune your own car (within r class), and everything elese in rivals is either homologated or rental… no class racing or much chance at all for anyone to use tuning to the advantage… am I missing something somewhere? Or is it all just division stuff, which i dont have a problem with but most homologation only races do not lend well to tuning… unless im missing something i think turn10 landed way off with this? Who doesnt love taking a c or even e class and throwing everything they have at it and beating a ferrari???.. ive beaten everything career wise except some endurance stuff and the division racing is killing the game, especially since theres no good rivals matches for class racing!
Am i alone in this?

I know the answer is play a different forza lol

This has been discussed endlessly on this forum on many threads.

Here’s another one. Yay.

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You can only (sort of) do that in free play. Play around with the advanced race settings to achieve the scenarios you would like.
But, yeah, the career mode should have been 50-50 with division and class races - would have been more fun.