Class F tunes

I have been playing this game for some time but am still about 2 sec off pace in public lobby would anyone like to help me with my F tunes i use spark and pugot a love and citron would love to know what i need for more speed in my cars lose a lot of time on stright of ways

Those cars should be RWD swapped for faster times.

One tune will not work for every track. Some tracks need more hp with the front and rear aero (a necessary upgrade) turned down. Other tracks need a bit more grip and higher aero figures.

If I remember correctly those cars also need a race transmission since the stock one was terrible.

If you’re using anything other than manual with clutch, the best tune in the world won’t help much. Manual with clutch is necessary to be competitive in lower classes. Not sure how many experienced quick guys are still in FM4, but I imagine it’s enough to still follow this rule of thumb.

Yikes!!! Manual with clutch is faster? How could that be. I’m still trying to master manual.

Manual w/ clutch is significantly faster, but one step at a time! Once you get used to manual, using the clutch is just an extra button so you hit two buttons on every up and down shift, rather than one. Conveniently, you can map the controller to use your thumb to hit both at the same time. A-B up and A-X down is what a lot of people use.

One thing swerve forgot to mention is that technique and smoothness shows more prominently in F class. Maybe you are losing a lot of time on the straights because you took the corner prior to the straight incorrectly to begin with. The lower classes can be very competitive and seem like close racing because you may only be 500’ from the first place guy, but that 500’ may also be 2-5 seconds. Honestly practice is what you are really going to need for f or any class for that matter.

I guess one determining factor would be, have you raced in higher classes? Are the races much closer or are you still 2+ seconds off of the pace? There are a lot of variables here that you did not specify.

Thanks for the input . i have not raced other classes that much. what class woulde you think i shulde try next .also what car and do you have any tunes for them for me to try

I agree manual with clutch much faster and the button swap works aswell tcs and abs off also I know that the top driver in my club can take 2 seconds out of my times using al those things and I think if you upgrade up 1 of your current cars to e class and grow with the car it will be easier to go up classes because you will know the car