Clarkson voice?

What happened to Clarkson narrating the different segments?

Some say, you can’t punch a dude in the face and not have consequences.

All, we know is… He’s been fired!


I LOLed at that one :smiley:


Yup, Jeremy was a bad man…Himself and Top Gear execs had a falling out, Hammond and Mays were still on good terms with them but eventually left. i noticed in the game…Their names are not affiliated with Top Gear at all…All they have are the tracks, must be a contract thing…Is what it is…From what i see it didn’t hurt development any…

I have to say ive expected it after they sacked Clarkson and then Hammond & May followed him out of Top Gear but I’ll still miss this! Ive found listening to them talk in Forza Motorsport games a million times nicer than listening to the other game voices (by this I mean the female voice you sometimes get in FM5 announcing which location you are heading to and any other FM voices that are not Hammond, May or Clarkson - not including Ben in this from FH2 though) so yeah I’ll really miss this, I hope in future this role does not get given to Chris Evans who will be the new Top Fear presenter when ever the new series starts

The funny thing as well is you can see exactly where Clarkson’s lines were supposed to be but had to be replaced by the ForzaVista girl instead. The showcase intros read perfectly in Jeremy’s voice.

does anyone know whom narrates the opening segments of a series as it sounds like chris hemsworth putting on his british accent as he did playing james hunt in rush.

Just for clarity, Clarkson wasn’t fired. He just didn’t have his contract renewed. I’m thinking it was deliberate too. They’re actually being paid more now, and seeing how much money they pull in, I think that’s fair. They also won’t have to abide by BBC guidelines which are strict to keep the perpetually offended politically correct crowd happy.
That’s why people kept complaining to the papers every time they made a joke they didn’t like. Now if they complain, they’ll have paid amazon to watch, just to complain and so will look foolish.
In the meantime the BBC lose hundreds of millions in income, including me not buying a TV licence any more. I only ever watched Top Gear on live tv, now I don’t.
I’m not defending Clarkson either, you can’t physically assault workmates and not be punished. But the BBC seem hellbent on self destruction right now. lol
In the meantime we have that awesome intro he narrated on Forza 4. The best thing I think I’ve ever seen. Hammond, may and others are narrating this time around, and in a way, no Clarkson has led to more diverse voices, from tv presenters to race drivers narrating the game! So it’s ok. :slight_smile:


Sacked was probably the wrong word but either way he lost his job at the BBC, wether you call it sacked, fired or contract exterminated it all resulted in the same thing and probably a lot of viewers will be lost to Top Gear as a result. I too don’t defend his violence but I watched Top Gear because of those 3, would I have continued to watch if Hammond & May stayed on? Yeah…wouldn’t have been the same without Clarkson too but 2/3 isn’t a deal breaker either but now none of them are there my interest in the show is gone so getting rid of Clarkson was a huge mistake in my opinion even if I don’t agree with his violence/actions I think ending his job on Top Gear was harsh and those offended by his out there comments on the show must have known what they were getting by watching him/the show so ive never agreed with pandering to those who complain but what’s done is done now, I’ll watch the 3 on Amazon!

So Hammond & May are still in the game? Well that’s an unexpected bonus if true, shame they didn’t extend that to Clarkson but as I say 2/3 isn’t bad and much more than I expected given none of them are associated with top gear now kudos to T10 for that if that’s what you are saying

I think I’ve heard James May on FM6 (so far) but introduced as “automotive journalist” and not “top gear host” anymore

now with the TG track still being in the game, I’d assume that they had to make a compromise, getting May, possibly Hammond, but with Clarkson being out of the picture.
sounds like some sort of business compromise.

I love Clarkson narrating, that’s a shame.
and I don’t care how he is IRL

Since you guys somehow did get rid of Clarkson for the Autovista. Why dont you use James May and the Hamster as voiceover for the Autovista ?
Nobody wants that new dude you use for the Porsche expansion.
Its just so booooring.
Its just blathis and blah that, all facts no fun.


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Screw Clarkson and his big mouth! The lady voice from the basic FM6 game is perfect. The Porsche expansion voice is from some famous Porsche driver I believe, but as a voice actor he’s sub par. :frowning:

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My vote is for Morgan Freeman


When you take a lady out on a date, it’s all about curves, smell and passion, the voice becoming very much insignificant. So same when you take your ride for a date in Autovista, watch the curves and breath in what she offers, why in the world would I care what anyone else says about my ride.when she has so much to offer and I can explore it myself.

My vote is for Clarkson as well. I don’t like the girl, and really dislike the Porsche dude.

“Porsche dude” is Mark Healy by the way.

Thanks for the info, but I have no idea who Mark Healy is.

All I know is I miss Clarkson’s voice.

AutoVista… hmmm… cough… wasted space imo…
better delete this feature and use the GByte for something else…


I know, How about the Allstate dude.


My Vote is for Dave Chapelle doing Sam Jackson for the Forza Vista stuff.

But in all seriousness, I really don’t care about any voice for anything really, just taking time away from me tuning and racing…just saying…

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