Christmas Sale

Has anyone heard about a possibility of a Christmas sale, like we had with Black Friday? It would be awesome to have another 30% off sale.

I dont understand you, m8. There is a Christmas Sale in Marketplace. FH3 in all versions have the same price as in Black Friday Sale. No special discounts for Gold members for this title again.

You get an extra 10% off with gold. Which means 70% off horizon 3.

You are wrong. Like on the Black Friday Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of Wars 4 (both with all of their editions)are the only games which have the same price for all members - free and gold. I dunno why, but that it is. For standard edition of FH3 is 35%. Where do you see 70%? -.-

OK, we got it xd So anybody know that yet. Simply every Forzathon week event offer will give us 30% off (35% with active Autoshow perk) for specific cars. Just keep tune and watch out !. You can use Auction House and look for hot deals - they are there too !!!


Sorry everyone for not making myself more clear. I meant a sale on the cars at the Autoshow.