Chilling lobbies

I want to start up or join a lobby where pull just chill park up, show off cars, drag up and down strips and drift.

My GT: PxuLL

If you host any lobbies message me on xbox or here.

How long are you going to be on? I’ll be on in about the next 2.5 hours.

PsykoPhrenik = GT

I’d be down for a nice change of pace.

I’ve always wondered where the cruise lobbies are. FM4 was loaded with them but they’re pretty much extinct on Xbox One as I haven’t seen or heard of any on both FM5 and FM6.

I’m up for these sorts of lobbies so count me in.

i would like that as well

Add me I’m down

Please add me, i’m definitely down for this! PhotogSean is my Gamertag

Please add me as well, tired of public lobbies…