Chicken dinner Achievement

Hello, I believe you should modify this achievement. I am a gamer who likes to complete all achievements in games and I have never seen a success be so luck-based and frustrating. I believe that modifying achievements and placing when finishing in the first 3 to unlock it. would be more fun.

Thank you

it is not luck based.

learn the map, learn what cars are good, get better at determining when to stick to the road vs. trying to just go straight offroad to the finish, and more than anything else, challenge players to head to head races pretty often. especially ones who are in total crapwagons like the mini buggy or the camaro. tier 6 is when you start getting vehicles that can usually compete, provided you can handle the nomad or cholla, so try to at least be in that tier. and again, learn what cars to avoid - don’t take the level 7 ferrari or 8 camaro, and prolly say no if it offers you the level 10 lamborghini as well unless you are in a trackhawk.

i’ve won roughly 1 in every 7 matches i have played in the eliminator in both fh4 and fh5 and i’m far from some pro gamer god legend. if the eliminator was totally luck based i’d win like one in 50 at best. practice and get better.


Start off looking for a half decent car drop then just go and challenge people, there is some luck involved in hoping you get offered a decent upgrade when you win a H2H + if you’re up against anyone in a better car that they lack the ability to make the most of their advantage but it’s very doable once you get most of the cars from the RS7 upwards.

There’s a thread on here with some discussion on the best + worst cars in each tier, there are still some stinkers in the higher tiers.

If you’re lucky enough to find the RS7 at a car drop then get it and hide until the final showdown, I’m not a regular player but the RS7 got me both this achievement + the win without acquiring a car drop accolade, tier 9’s + 10’s aren’t an absolute must have to win although the RS200 is head and shoulders above every other car.

Learn the map too, there aren’t that many obstacles in FH5 compared to 4 but the few that are there still trip a lot of people up, be careful anywhere there are those annoying rock piles dotted between the huge open spaces + avoid the forests near the airfield and Sierra Verde if you can, seeing a Lumberjack skill pop up isn’t much compensation for having your speed almost completely wiped out.


I agree with the others. I’m up to about 47 wins so far out of about 750 games played. Yup, there’s some luck especially at the start with getting a reasonable to car but there’s definitely things that you can do to give you a better chance of winning challenges.

Yup, I’ve won the Eliminator a few times in the RS7, also with the level 7 AMG.

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I agree with others, too. And remember to take a good direction and start racing a while before the countdown finishes - the finish is usually located on the opposite side of the map looking from the final circle. I have won twice (well, out of 44 tries - not a fan of the Eliminator! :wink:) - one in level 7 AMG and one in level 5(!) Maserati Levante and in both cases it helped massively.


More agreement with the others and have a look at this guide for pointers on how you could improve at Eliminator (written better than I could):

Map knowledge is key, especially when the finish line is in the city or crosses any of the major canyon obstacles dotted around the map. Straight lines aren’t always the quickest route and, if the finish line is in the right general direction, stick to the highway if you can.

I’m sitting at 77 wins from 340 games with the Mercedes GT 4, Audi RS7 and Porsche 959 being my most reliable winners.

Sitting at 16/360 which is 1 in 22 games (better than random and I usually play Eliminator at times when there are more likely to be distractions around the house and I’m not as focused on playing the actual game. Agree with most everything that’s been said. It’s a combination of luck (getting good car drops and the right H2Hs), knowledge (where is the likely direction of a H2H or Showdown going to be and what map features are where), and skill (how well can you drive a given car through a given area of the map).