Chevy Colorado Unicorn

For those of you that only absolutely enjoy one vehicle, what do you do if you can’t get it? I find myself wanting the Chevy Colorado but I can’t find it or get it and I’m calling it quits on the game because of it. Has anyone else had this issue or am I missing something that makes it easy to get?

It’s available in the “Backstage” marketplace as a “one-time” purchase reward if you have any backstage passes to spend.

Other than that the ZR2 has been available alot this past year, at one point even as a free car in the Forzathon shop.

If you’re new to the game and don’t have any passes, these are rewarded each series by completing 50% of the series. (As of right now)

You’re going to quit the game over a pickup? :slight_smile: Put in a little bit of time into the monthly backstage pass completion and pick one up for yourself or haunt the auction house, you’ll get one eventually.

If I don’t get the 1966 Batmobile I’m out!!! lol!!!


Aw don’t tease me. I was plenty happy with the car selection until I read this. And throw in the Munster’s family car as well. Jeez.

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A few reasons others in the past have quit the game:

• this one chick ranted the usual ya-ya grievances, headlined by fact that not ALL the trees in the LEGO expansion were made of LEGOs (fringe trees around the perimeter and in clusters here or there are still “real”).

• some other dude left because of a single credit; he quit over fact that player banks are capped at 999,999,999, which kept him from adding +1 to his bank and he was so distressed over not being able to have a bank of one billion.

So, exiting the game over not finding a Chevy pickup somehow doesn’t seem totally irrational :man_shrugging:t2::laughing::rofl:

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