Check out my stuff

I’ve been making custom vinyls since MS4 but have just recently started sharing them. Almost all of them are body cut-puts (leaves only like the door or body kit exposed). The couple of designs I’ve made have done alright but I don’t get a lot of hits on my vinyls. I think this is because it hard to tell what they are just by looking at them and people don’t know what to do with them. So I’m reaching out to the painting community to go check my stuff out and tell me what you think. Just keep in mind I did all of them with just basic shapes and a LOT of time.

Any pictures?

It would be better and easy to people check them out if you share the images in this thread… :slight_smile:

HooptyRoo has got the basics down guys, please share your work with pictures !

Very nice indeed. Good work Hooptyroo!

Thanks for the nice words. I’m not sure how to post pictures…I’m old I know…

gotta download your pics from gallery to computer then upload to a image hosting website (flicker, Photobucket) then copy (img code) then paste in your reply hope this helps

So I have a bunch of new stuff including a few touched up wide body masks love feedback and advice good or bad

Have some new/updated stuff up. Also, I have all kinds of body cut out pieces (wide body cut outs for left and right, individual fender flare cur outs, shapes to fit into grills and air dams to color them, etc) I’m trying to move my status up as well as challenge myself so if there’s something you want or something you just don’t want to have to deal with making let me lnow