Check my long custom routes!

Hello I recently finished doing my own rally event. I named it Mighty Golem Path, because it’s very hard and exhaustive race

-it’s about 70% of dirt, 20% of asphalt and 10% offroad
-anything goes without restrictions so you can take your favourite car (but I recommend you offroad or rally machine!)
-it combines autumn with dawn and rain (also a small fog) so it makes Mighty Golem Path a little bit harder. Be careful with RWD cars
-you can confront many obstacles at your Path - jumps, tight corners, mud, even two river crossings and deep puddles.
-rally event visits couple of places with narrow routes and jumps like Festival Town, Quarry, Mortimer Gardens or Mudkickers area. Enter, beat obstacles and leave!
-forest roads are very tight and not easy to follow due to season and weather so do not stick pedal to the metal all the time

If you want to try yoursef with beating and following Mighty Golem, this is share number - 312 264 922
Leave feedback if you finish!

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WOW - Mighty Golem Path is EPIC - just what i needed sumtin new - many thx plz make more - do a supercar 1 :slight_smile: cheers much luv - FB

WOW - Mighty Golem Path is EPIC - just what i needed sumtin new - many thx plz make more - do a supercar 1 :slight_smile: cheers much luv - FB

Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion, I am glad that you enjoyed my route :slight_smile: I’ll try to make more if you want! Do you have any requirements about road? I want to make race that everybody gonna have fun on it

Hello, I created another longest rally event, much different than Mighty Golem Path. Please meet… The Serpent Trail!

-drive through 64 kilometers of tighest sections in Great Britain
-about 60% of asphalt and 40% of dirt
-anything goes without restrictions. Take any car you want
-rally in autumn, with heavy rain at start and drizzle from time to time
-enter Edinburgh, Broadway, Ambleside, Horizon Town and Express Railway
-climb the Arthur’s Seat and don’t fall off
-go as fast as you can by the beach on east side of the map
-laugh when see drivatars struggling in couple of sections
-and avoid all the bites from Serpent! Can you follow and beat it? Try and leave a comment!

Share number - 173 168 238

Hello, I have more custom routes that you can try! All of them is anything goes without restrictions so feel free to choose any car you want!

Twisted Raid - 62.2 km - insane rally through difficult locations like North Express Railway (also inside a building) and some jumps (in airport, for example). It’s not my best route but you can check and leave a comment - 426 571 484
Crazy Lego Expedition - 44.0 km - rally through almost every route in LEGO Speed Champions expansion, but not only. Expect roads, you can drive in city, city sewers and beach - 735 106 297
Ultimate Fortune Rally - 43.9 km - rally through almost every route in Fortune Island expansion, featuring driving on the beach or in caves, I personally really like this one. For this day, this is probably the longest race ever on this area - 245 812 751
The Fog Journey - 64.4 km - 100% tarmac race in bad weather conditions, including fog and drizzle. If you are tired of my rally events, check this one and take car that like asphalt, finishing in Edinburgh - 744 580 851

I hope you will enjoy my routes!

Hello, I have another long custom routes to share with community!

Iron Crown Rally Stage - 63.7 km - route that mostly follows dirt paths on map but not only, you can for example race through Mudkickers jumps and water puddles. Be careful of cross sections when you can crash with other competitors - 127 496 218
Anvil Super Stage - 64.4 km - another “heavy metal” (Iron Crown, Anvil, you got it? ;)) stage but with mixed surface, featuring jumps and narrow turns in Mortimer Gardens, short path in Mudkickers (bridges, deep water, tunnel) and racing on tight sections near center of the map - 380 408 145

Feel free to try, comment and maybe like if you enjoyed!

Hi, I just wanted to say your routes are absolutely brilliant! I’ve had a lot of fun yesterday testing them. Many thanks and keep creating :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, it’s nice to hear that :slight_smile: I am spending hours from time to time to make new routes so I am glad that people like and enjoy them! When I create new one, I will post here name and share numbers

Hello again, appreciation and likes motivated me to create another long custom route!

Werewolf Super Sprint - 62.6 km - a huge race that takes place near center and bottom of the map, all villages and Edinburgh. It’s almost 100% tarmac (except one short parth near Super7 location) so you can take best and fastest cars you have. Or slowest… in that case, you will get enough time to admire Great Britan at sunset. And why this is a Werewolf named track? Well, werewolves usually wake up at night so you are pretty close to this moment - just imagine that you are warning whole country before they rise up :wink: - 156 026 428

I really like all these custom routes, thanks to you all for creating them. When ending a route I sure give it a like. Some of these routes should be in FH by default :slight_smile:

Hello, I had a couple of months break from Forza Horizon 4 and now I started to play it again. I really like to create my own routes so I made something very special…

Rage Rally Stage - 64.4 km - absolutely the hardest one from every route I made. It’s called “Rage” for a reason, because, well, some drivers using a racing wheel with strong force feedback maybe can think “bro, I will broke my desk!”. Rally event visits couple of typical dirt routes or a beach near Bamburgh Castle but not only. From time to time you will face very difficult sections that you really can’t expect. I won’t it tell you now anything more about that because I think that you should conquer it fresh and inquisitive, without knowledge what you will encounter. But don’t be scared, after every hard section you will have easy and long tarmac route that can help you to relax and be prepared for another obstacles. So… do you want to defeat your own Rage? I hope so! Check the share number and leave feedback! - 918 291 105

Hello, I made another one!

Derailment - 61.3 km - name is really simple and obvious and, of course, in this route you will follow every railroad tracks divided into three sections. You will also visit Edinbirgh’s tram stops and Mortimer Gardens. The rest is filled with dirt and tarmac with tricky corners and long straights. Be ready for unusual finish! Feel free to check! - 134 744 726

Man, these tracks are great fun, as always! Many thanks!!

Thank you Bulbes10, I am happy that you liked my routes. And I have another two ones for Forza Horizon 4 community…

Most of drivers moved from Great Britain to Mexico, but festival in Europe is still active! Try one of special tracks created in DLC areas, Lego Valley and Fortune Island. Both are made in different style. Take a look.

Grande Lego Scramble - 44.4 km - name “Crazy Lego Expedition” was used by me couple of months ago and now I regret that, because THIS track is really crazy, even more than crazy! Track starts at sands and go through all map and almost every street. In couple of sections like Stunt Park, City or Airport you will drive in narrow, insane routes between obstacles, jumps and contact zones that force you to stay focused to found a way to survive scramble and escape without damage. Full NASCAR lap and little cross-country section on a desert are going to try your max speed and suspension durablity. I suggest you to use racing line, but feel free to drive by your way - 346 931 908

Fortune Rift - 38.9 km - you don’t want chaos and incredible routes? Good, try this one! It is a rally stage set on Fortune Island driving through almost every route, including beach, tarmac hillclimb and jumpy course in north part next to cliffs and sea. But remember the name RIFT. Elements gets mad and you will start your rally at dawn in the middle of the storm. Rain and thunders will make driving much harder but also attractive. Luckily for you, weather will slowly went quiet and your last kilometers should be easier. Why fly to Mexico right now while you have something like that?! - 129 245 221

Give me a feedback if you finish my routes. Mexico can wait :slight_smile: