Cheating player disrupts trials lobby

I was playing the trails even as normal; win the first race with 4 players in the lobby. All of a sudden the second race this person appears “” in the second race out of nowhere in a non restricted car and class. Proceeds to ram all the players in the lobby continuously so there was no way of winning the second race. Ruined the entire lobby.

Here is a [Mod Edit - link removed - MM] to the screenshot I took


I guess that is more bug than cheating, that is happend to me once in trial also, game freeze when trial was suppose to start and few minutes later when it’s finally start working i started from second race with car that i was currently using in freeroam.


I’ve seen this last week and again this week. They appear in the 2nd race, assuming someone quit during/after race 1. They are in a D class car, although they have a lot more speed then a D class car would. Unlike the OP, what I’ve seen is they race “normally”, not troll the lobby…shrug.

Same thing just happened to me in the Pista de Resistance Trial. We were all in A800 and “” showed up in the second race in an X999 and freaking attacked everyone on her own team over and over and over. It was insane.

Please see the articles on the Forza Support site and Xbox Enforcement on how to report players for suspicious behavior.

Naming/shaming is not allowed on the forums because only the devs will know what’s going on after they investigate.

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