Cheating Drivatars topic - post your encounters !

I’ll start with what I’ve experienced on Suzuka in Freeplay : 3 Drivers buckets - one for my car (which was still homologated), one for some Early Prototypes Racers and the last one for GT Racing Reborn cars. I was running on Unbeatable (which should not excuse their abnormal behaviour)

As we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words so let’s look at a couple of them :

How can three GT cars can lap faster than their counterparts or top-of-the-chain prototypes ?
Just look at the power input:

The homolagated maximum power is 466 KW. This car (and the two others) were in the same bucket as the other ones (which didn’t have any power bump), so how did this happen ?
If this is not cheating well I don’t know anymore. It happened on Spa and Maple Valley as well - always the same three Drivatars. I know Unbeatable should be the hardest level to race against but this is bloody ridiculous.


On higher difficulty they didn’t increase the skill of the drivatars just the HP. I’ve looked at telemetry doing some racing the Indycars and the exact same homolagated car right next to me will easily have 200 more HP than my car in races. Its poor programming and scripting. They don’t improve the skill just give them a boost. Lazy if you ask me.

WOW I’ve actually wondered this myself! Absolutely pathetic. This is exactly why tracks with long straights are extremely hard in the upper difficulties. So difficulty doesn’t affect their braking points and corner speed at all? Just gives them a HP boost or handicap depending? That’s actually pretty sad. Thanks for pointing this out.

Basically yes. That’s why no “real” racing occurs. The AI still can’t handle many turns (last turn on Road Atlanta, upwards lefthander before the corkscrew on Laguna Seca, many turns on Prague) on “unbeatable” and gets all of its power from “cheated” hp-boosts. Thus, you can’t have a dynamic racing experience where you tail an AI-car and make little progress to eventuelly get a chance to pass. You can pass them braindeadly in many turns and can’t keep up on straights, even with higher exit speed. It’s extremely bad design.

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