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I don’t know where to post this. I rarely come on this forum. I am in a forza horizon 4 group on Facebook, and this guy posted a picture of his wheelspins… 7 325 wheelspins to be exact. Pretty sure there’s cheat behind that. His gamertag seems to be [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Gamertag removed)]

New Goliath glitch. 1 minute = 5M CR and 1.7M Influence, which result in more than +50 lvl up. So yeah. You can “grind” those 7k wheelspin pretty fast and easy now, Forza is broken (again).

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Was it ever not broken? Curious did they mention a fix to the glitch in the update today or was it ignored so they could push the new playlist instead?

It’s fixed and patch will be out soon.

I would tell you to submit a ticket here: and that you aren’t supposed to share gamertags on here, but there has been a poor job of censoring these things on the forum as there are still posts on other threads that are days old with gamertags called out as cheaters and links to videos to shame people as well (i have even tried reporting those posts, but nothing was done).

In anycase, good luck getting anyone from Forza Enforcement to even look at this. I have a ticket submitted, screenshot and name and to make their lives so easy and their investigation so quick to be able to do something, but they don’t even review the tickets that get submitted, so if one single ticket of mine doesn’t go answered what is the point of trying to waste my time with reporting anyone. Days, Weeks, Months and no one even takes a look at a ticket. Ju1ce Cannon tell us on the forums to screen shot the creators of the glitch races and submit a ticket, yet there is no point in wasting our time to try to make the community a better place if they aren’t going to take any action.

Forza Enforcement is non-existent, they literally get like 150 total support tickets a day (based on ticket number assignments), most of which are probably technical support tickets, so lets say even 50% of the tickets are related to enforcement, that is 75 tickets a day. They say their hours of operation are M-F for 9 hours (I assume a 1 hour lunch break). I would hope they have more than one person that handles enforcement, but lets say they have 1 single person that works an 8 hour day answering enforcement type tickets (which they should answer them in the order they were received), they need to answer 8-9 tickets per hour to keep up with the influx of tickets. Even public utility companies at least let you know how long you can expect to wait for a representative to answer your call, or they even have an automated recording telling me how many people are waiting on hold in front of me… utility companies are viewed as some of the poorest customer service providers, yet they are light years ahead of Forza…

And there are even bigger cheaters such as people game save modding or using much more destructive cheats than the goliath race such as this guy, who even posts to his own activity feed and unlocked the Antique Restorer on the 2nd day he played the game… which how do you get all 4 seasonal barn finds, in less than 48 hours and you are gonna unlock dozens of achievements on both Fortune Island and the mainland in a single day???, He has 60 hours of gameplay: 999 Million credits and over 3 million wheelspins, Prestige 10 and Level 2,999. How?! (I think its kinda obvious…).

@MCMLXXXIX Qc I see your cheater’s 7,325 wheelspins and raise you 3,075,525! plus a prestige 10 level 2,999 in only 60 hours of gameplay.



3 million spins??? I can barely keep 100!

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He probably had to back out to his garage to delete cars every few hundred spins or so. You’d be spinning for days.

Makes me wonder about another thread recently started asking for a “select multiple cars for deletion feature”.

Yeah and how to reclaim one milion spins in a batch :smiley:

@JurassicJoeDawg That guy is slow then, i have see accounts with max level and almost 1000g with 4 hour gameplay, why not even try to play when you can getting right away using mods.

Apologies, but we cannot allow naming and shaming of other players here on the official forums.

Why? They’re blatantly cheating…address the problem and it won’t happen


I think it’s funny. People seem to think their level proves they are the best driver on the road. I see a lot of the same people daily, one player was tier 1 one day, then went whole hog on Goliath, maxed level and still can’t drive worth squat.
And it’s not like they can’t catch and ban them, just compare number of races to level. At tier 5 I have over 10,000 races in.
And yes, even legit players want multiple car removal, I don’t really need 5 or more of every wheelspin car.
By the way, playing online can net two wheelspins per event depending on a couple factors, but most of the time I get one spin for leveling up and one spin for lvl 20 repeats.
I have a little over 200 right now I really don’t need.