Cheap wheelspins suck

Just completed a 50 lap race, and i wound up with 80,000 credits in wheel spins, I like forza 6 payouts because you can control how much
you get from spins. Personally I miss getting wheel spins of 1 million . When you combine that with the fact, that a lot of the cars are
much more expensive, it makes it difficult. I just keep chippin away.

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What would be the point in having an in-game currency if you could have enough to buy every car in half an hour?


Makes it more enjoyable for some…

Not everyone enjoys tedious grinding , especially with such very expensive cars out there.

FM6 economy was indeed better


^ This.

I personally disagree with you, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

This. Besides, believe me, if you could just buy every car from the off you’d forget about most of them straight afterwards anyway.


i like that they made it hard for FH3, I played FM6 and i ended up with 40 million at one point, it just got boring, because you know you would get the car in the middle, please make FM7 harder to get credits, but make sure we get all class cars, like what they did in FM4

um how can you control how much you get from spins in FM6?

Sure you have to ask it to stop but do you really control it?

Lets put to one side whether the economy is good or bad.

When you have spins it would not be right to get the highest value every time. So sometimes you get lower spins. I have just had a bad run of 2k spins myself and at level 640ish spins come up less often.

But I do not expect high spins everytime.

But what baffles me is someone complaining after a 50 lap race when they would have got a significant payout from the race itself. If not you need to use perks wisely and use credit boost HE cars.

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You sure do. It stops seven or eight squares after you press the button and seeing it go through for a couple of seconds you can anticipate when it will end in the middle. However the values of outside squares change after each pass, so you can’t anticipate those.

You don’t really have control over it. It is all RNG.

Ditto. I personally don’t see it as a grind and I like that cars have value again. In FM6 everything is/was “free” after short while.

What does 6mil mean to you when you have 250mil-- nothing a drop in the bucket (and I’m not even a tuner/painter that was just from driving)

I like that I don’t have all the 10mil cars in FH3. I actually had to save credits and pick which one I wanted to get. It actually means something. If we go to FM6 style in future-might as well go all the way and get rid of credits being needed at all.

Personally I like the current balance. But I also liked skill points, and non needed HE cars and could careless how people decide to play their own game and clearly seem to be in the minority so pretty sure that eventually all cars will be free soon.

What’s the point in collecting free-- not many persons are about collecting items of no value at all.

FOR ALL that think they are missing out. Save up your credits for the BLACK FRIDAY FORZATHON. 30% off all cars so you’ll be able to 10m car for 6.5m with the perk plus discount.


Would you kindly tell me when does this Black Friday Forzathon start ?
I assume it’d be around the 20-25 of november but i ask anyway in case i’m wrong ^^


I have no problem with the game’s economy. I’m not here to complain about that. I just want to know what I’m doing wrong. $250 million? How? I just crossed the $30-million mark in total earnings, and I have over 100 hours of gameplay. Granted, I spend a lot of time in freeroam and doing other non-lucrative things I enjoy. But I don’t think I could have formally raced 8-10 times as much even if that’s all I did. I do understand the perks, and I do have a couple of credits-boost cars. Is there a particular strategy for earning that kind of cash? I don’t think the average FH3 player is going to be able to earn even a 10th of your income in the time that they’ve had.

Thanks for the heads up about the Black Friday forzathon. I will look forward to that.

I think he’s referring to FM6. If he had that much in FH3, he would probably have all the cars by now (or close to it).

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Oh . . . D’OH! You’re right. Reading what he wrote again makes it obvious now. Sigh Is “facepalm” still a thing?

Yeah. It was FM6 that I have 230m

I’ve made 40ish mil in this game I’ve not seen stats recently- been focusing more on rivals- though I imagine I’ll try and get back on the championship chievo and make some mullah for the sale coming up.

This the first Forza where to me the cars feel like having value. I love that lm not once again bathing in money. Once l made my first few mil’ l spent them on a Ferrari to ‘reset’ my bank account.
Its always been a problem to me how Forza throws free cars at you and millions of credits on top of them. My garage doesnt feel like my garage when l have dozens of cars l never asked for just as pure clutter. I actively try to auction off all my not wanted cars in FH3 and so far it has been working. I’ll just delete the ones no one buys.

To me the wealth of having 300++ cars in a game would be to make them all “hard” to get. This would create more diversity on the streets; “oh you have that car! Wow maybe l should save for it too. Then l again l have this car that you dont have”. Now it’s totally trivial; “oh you have the new 2016 Lambo. I’ll go buy one too.”

I suppose once the Friday sale begins l’ll blow all my money again for a few more treats and plenty still left to get :slight_smile:

And in FH3, you may not need as much money as in FM6. You could buy cars for less using Auction House.
I think I like VIP economy in FH3 better than the one in FM6. But I would rather have less car awarding spins and more money awarding spins > lot of cars in my garage that I have now to sell (and they did not sell well due to lot of sellers ;))

But for sure, those 2 - 10 millions cars hurt your FH3 wallet :wink: