Chat in lobby's , tunes, racing, tracks

Were to start can’t race in hopper lobby’s won’t let me 90% of the time one night no hopper or private nice the only way I can get into a hopper (multiplayer) lobby is I have to have a friend in one and I join him or her once I do get into one I can only chat with 2 or 3 people because the chat does not work properly one might say will that easy only 2 or 3 people have a mic true that said I race some nights with 20 friends who all have a mic and use it if we are in a multiplayer lobby I can hear 5 or 6 and talk to 2 to 4 so we go to a private lobby and split up into two groups and do private chat. Tuning a car the tune you work on so hard in Forza 5 you would think I will tune the same car in Forza 6 it will be great wrong no wear near the same you will suck. I live in Montreal Canada I would like to know why the race track in Montreal ( Circuit Gilles Villeneuve ) that F1 races on is not in Forza 6 I think this would be a great track for Forza