Characters look bad

I was hoping they would revamp how your characters look, but they just found a way to use the hair styles on everyone with new colors. The faces, oh my god the faces, they all look like they live constipated 24/7. Graphics improved so much this time around but they keep using the same horrible faces we’ve had. Why?

You could argue we are mostly looking at cars, not the characters, but given how clothes are now a very important part of the game now you should consider giving us real customization options with faces and hairstyles that actually look good.

Please, if not for this game, at least for the next one, or an expansion, free us from these horrible character selections.


I agree, the cars and scenery look amazing then the characters pop up at the end of a race and look absolutely terrible. It completely ruins it for me and I was hoping they’d have improved on it for 5. :frowning:

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I think they spent 99% of their time on face masks and prosthetics.

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I like my face - what is wrong with me…?

I hate it when I “win” clothing or emotes in a wheelspin.
What a waste.


I just wish my dude could have a beard.
I can put him in a flashy, highly stylistic sundress with a woman’s hairdo, bit heaven forbid I should ever hope he could wear a beard. That just might be too offensive to someone.
Yeah, character customization in this game is far inferior to other games. I got phone games with better character customizations.


What bugs me is I can’t recreate my golden cowboy look from FH4 to match my gold car. FH4 had way more clothing options.

  1. no beards, grabbing my pitchfork and torch right now to hunt some dev…ehm witches^^

  2. tbh. personally i could not care less, its a car game so who needs a character your not even able to walk around? ^^

Sounds like you have never won before because this is when it matters.

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Interesting that you got mad over a beard comment.
If it doesn’t matter at all, why care what I or anyone else thinks about a beard on a character? And yeah, I have a beard, and for a game that is supposed to be inclusive, they certainly don’t include me or the many other bearded men that play the game. Not very inclusive at all of you ask me.
We must really consider the feelings of the fat dude with a beard and paisley sun skirt don’t you think?
That’s right, I want a fat dude in a paisley sun skirt with a beard. Not my fault that offends you.
Oh, and hot pink biker boots would be nice too, preferably leather but I’ll settle for suede to protect the cows.

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Now finding the elf suit with sad snowman head entertaining to watch dancing.

This is funny because the first thing I thought when I started up the game the very first time was how ugly all of them are and I do mean all of them, very poorly done.