Changing speedo to mph to kmh

just wondering how to change the speedo to km/h i have looked every where and i cant find it can someone show me where
thanks in advance

Go to “HUD” Then change units to “metric”

Confused about something.

In car dash mph differ from display on the right mph. So which is the real one?

In dash says 125mph and display on right is saying 86mph.

do you have a picture

In car dash would be displaying km.

Before I changed to Metric LaFerrari displays km in dash while external gauge displays mph (prior again to my change to metric.)

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Thanks. I eventually will start driving hudless - and this massive contrast had me concerned. Thanks to you, now I know what’s it’s about. So all I have to do is figure out, how to change the in car dash to mph from km and I’ll be straight.

UPDATE: Got it! Hud options set to metric. Thanks again @Mitchkip. You were very helpful.