Changing from Pad to Wheel

Just got myself a logitech g920 in the black friday sales since it was so cheap. I had been wanting a wheel for a while but bit the bullet on friday.
Been racing with a pad for years and have got to the point where i can literally get no faster without converting to a wheel, how long did many of you take to adapt to it?

Ive had a few hours practice tonight and down to just 3-4 secs off my PB’s but man the steering is so much better and being able to feather the throttle is much easier. Still having a bit of trouble with losing the back end through high speed corners and hairpins though as ive went straight into it staying with no assists. Really like it but hoping it doesnt take long to get upto speed.
How big really is the advantage of a wheel over a pad?

None. Pad is faster than the wheel in this game. I maintain, IMO, that 7 is the closest wheel has been to pad for a while.

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Yep, I agree with that although there are 2 areas where the wheel can have a (very) slighy advantage, 1 ovals racing and 2 drifting (RWD mainly).

Having only had a wheel since FM7…the experience is SOOOO much more fun and immersive. Get your wheel dialed in as far as the settings (there’s a thread in here) and you’ll love it and surely will get quicker and quicker.

Is there a link for the thread?

In games like F1 2017, Dirt Rally, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa there’s a fairly big advantage in using a wheel (if you’re good with it) and in my opinion makes those games much more enjoyable.

I prefer to use a controller for the Forza games though and it’s probably faster in them too. The FFB and implementation of wheels wasn’t great in previous titles, but from what I’ve heard it’s better in FM7.

I also have the G920 but haven’t tried it with FM7 yet. Good to hear some positivity that it works well. I first used the wheel in FH3 but was terrible to start with. Tried it on FM6 but apart from ovals I was still bad with it. Would love to try that new dashboard cam view with my wheel, think I’ll get it out tomorrow night :slight_smile:

Ive always preferred the controller. I just couldnt get used to it the few times I tried my friends. A lot has to do with his set up. Cheaper wheel, poor mounting, poor seating position. Id still love to try a fanatech or one of those highend setups with the racing seat.

Pad is faster in this game, wheel has physical effects that are disabled or weakened when using the pad.
Only advantage would be smooth steering in wide corners, aside from that pad just outclasses wheel in this game. The bad FFB dosen’t help either.

Still, I prefer wheel just because it feels much more engaging.

Same story here pretty much. Long time forza player that just got a T150 setup. I am loving it so far, its been really fun. Is there any where we can race against other wheel drivers in like a league or something? I just found TORA but im not sure if its what Im looking for. I think that would be really fun.

I think this is the settings thread that was referenced earlier.

I think the more you pay for a wheel the less satisfactory the result will be in FM7, FM6 and FH3 for that matter. I tried a few of the higher end product and the El Cheapo Thrustmaster - Red Legend Edition and use the RLE in Forza titles set to match the controller in advanced settings on FM7 it is way better than the pad after a few days practice. The cheaper wheel still works as good or better in all other games but you really REALLY benefit from the higher end wheels because you can make full use of it. If all you are interested in is the Forza breed then it is quite cost-effective. I like tinkering with Forza games so my original idea to get the RLE and sell it after upgrading won’t happen coz it has a home. The worst part was shopping for them because I saw the full frame, seat, foot pad and if one had a coffee cup holder I would be broke right now.

Took me about a month of solid playing for an hour or two 3-4 times a week and I soon caught up to my pad times, then passed them. Now 2 months in and quicker with the wheel, pedals and shifter by a mile. Fun wise it is 100 times better too.

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G920 works on this game. I can vouch for it. You can find my settings in the FFB thread if you go back to late September around the time of early launch. 9/29. I’m way slower with a wheel but it’s much more fun.


I’m Using a G920 Too, i don’t know if i’m faster with controller cause i don’t even care… I love my cheap Wheel…