Change Up lights on F1 car are too dim in daytime light

One of the things I rely on when driving an F1 car is the ability of the florescent change-up display at the top of the steering wheel to indicated to me when to shift up. These lights are hardly visually perceptible in daylight and need to be brighten as in F12015 game to communicate without looking directly at the wheel when to up shift. Can this enhancement be included in an upcoming build??!!

It probably won’t, but I do agree, they are a little dim.

Change on engine note. It’s just as acurate and you never have to look at a tachometer.

I tend to short shift in the lotus, I don’t really go by the shift lights, but it would make the interior pop that bit more of they were brighter.

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This is the case for all the cars that have any light indicators on the wheel/dash. They are all too dim in daylight. I don’t rely on them as others have said, but I do agree that they are too dim.

Yep, not as well lit as they are IRL. Well, nothing major. Maybe a patch will resolve this. Or we might have to wait another 2 years.

Lol I’m going to go for another two years :slight_smile:

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